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Our web site is designed to give couples ideas and ball park rates for our honeymoon and romantic travel packages, we are not an online booking site therefore our rates listed on our web site are not set in stone for every date of travel.

Our rates are subject to change without notice, and we are constantly working to update our rates and specials as fast as we can. It is necessary to email us or call us for exact rates for your dates of travel, and we do not guarantee the rates on our web site are available for all dates of travel.

Many of our packages are uniquely designed by our experts and not always available for short notice travel, or for travel more than 8-9 months outside of travel dates.

Last minute international travel- if you are traveling within 45-60 days we will need to verify you have a valid US Passport in hand before booking or planning your honeymoon.

We are a retail full service internet based travel agency with a retail office located in Portland Oregon, and we can book couples who live or who are from the USA. We accept checks, and major credit cards issued in the USA only.

Honeymoon perk when you book with us - $100 anniversary gift certificate is valid for a 6 night stay or more for an all inclusive package with air fare, or $50 off per couple for packages with no air, or not all inclusive

We offer an initial planning consultation by phone for up to 30 minutes, this will include a rough estimate of a trip cost, and ideas for your budget. We include one exact proposal/ itinerary in writing for your dates with one revision. Additional quotes will require a pre-deposit of $100 per couple ( not a fee) If you require more expert planning time, our planning fee is $100 per hour and billed in 30 minute blocks.

NOTE: airline tickets are an additional cost and not included in packages. We can only book flights originating in the USA. Resort fees in Hawaii, as well as parking , car or travel insurance, airline baggage fees, etc. are not included with packages.

Terms and conditions of our packages

Air Fare highly Subject To Change until tickets are issued with your credit card, if your air price increases before your payment information is received & submitted to our wholesaler during our business hours we will alert you to the change before processing your payment.


PACKAGE DEPOSIT- Secures your reservation

All deposits secure your reservations. Our deposits including air tickets are nonrefundable (Clients can only obtain a refund of deposit or air fare with the purchase of travel insurance if they cancel due to covered reasons, and file/ receive a claim with the insurance company. We recommend you purchase travel insurance within 7 days of booking your honeymoon. Most travel insurance companies require you purchase insurance with 14 days of making deposit.

Travel insurance is recommended as travel arrangements are usually nonrefundable, and most health insurance companies do not offer coverage outside the USA in the event of a medical emergency abroad, travel insurance covers medical expenses and emergency evacuation since most airlines do not allow you to board if you are ill or injured badly. Insurance also covers cancellation due to medical reasons and death in family plus early departure due to covered reasons - within 7 days of booking your trip you need to purchase insurance if you choose to do so and here is a recommend site to use: www.insuremytrip.com



The package price listed on this contract is a final price in US dollars. We cannot match lower air fare or hotel/car rates after deposit is received. All previous quotes are invalid as this is your official itinerary, please double check your itinerary before making deposit as your final itinerary could differ from a previous quote (s) We will only honor inclusions for only what is listed in your contract. Please double check dates, after deposit is made any date changes can incur change fees.


FINAL PAYMENT due 45 days before departure

Final payment is due 45 days before travel for most locations (certain packages require full payment 60 days before travel) If you are unable to pay your final payment on the due date call us immediately. If you are paying final by check, please mail us the check several days before final due date. Final payment is nonrefundable; however, you can be eligible for a refund if you had purchased travel insurance on your own. (call your travel insurance company for details)



If you need to change your plans before final is due: If location stays the same (and you are changing room type/ hotel) one change can often be made for no fee if it is a similar package/hotel that is offered by our agency. Hawaii packages with cars often must be completely re -booked which may incur change fees. We cannot change car type for Hawaii package bookings after deposit has been made. (you can upgrade a car type most often upon arrival in Hawaii) Airline tickets can be changed with change and cost in fare price differences. Changes fees are in effect after first change, additional deposits are necessary for rebooking your trip. for a future date of travel.



We can often make changes with a change fee after final has been paid depending on date of change, and what type of change. (change of dates will incur hotel and airline penalties, airline fees plus air ticket cost difference) Each package will differ. Call us immediately if you need to make a change in plans. We suggest travel insurance as it covers change fees.



Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the date of travel for most international destinations. Passports are mandatory for some states in the USA now, and It is the passengers’ responsibility to make sure the proper ID is presented. Visas are required for some locations including Australia. You must have a valid government ID such as a driver’s License to board a domestic flight

If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, you must contact the consulate of the country you are visiting to inquire about visa requirements. You must also contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service (1-800-375-5283, www.uscis.gov) for reentry requirements into the U.S. We do not take responsibility for any missed flights or trips due to immigration issues. We do not offer legal advice to non-US citizens. At least one passenger must be a US citizen to book with us.

Criminal history- felony convictions: Some countries such as Mexico AND other countries are not allowing American’s with certain Felony Convictions on their record to enter their country. They are turning passengers back around and sending them home upon arrival. If you have any sort of legal history that might cause an issue entering another country, please contact your local courthouse and passport office to find out any possible details. If you owe back child support, it is possible you cannot obtain a passport or leave the country.

#7 AIRLINE TICKETS- names must match your passport exactly + Passengers must check in online 24 hours before travel + must arrive at airport at least 2-3 hours before departure. Airline tickets must match your names exactly as they appear on your passport or ID if traveling domestically Double check names, and dates at time of reading this contract to make sure they match your Passport or ID exactly. Brides should book their tickets under the name that matches their current ID or passport. We cannot change names on airline tickets after they have been issued.

Airline tickets are 100% nonrefundable, however you can change the dates of travel with a change fee, and have one year from date of purchase to use the tickets if a complete change of plan is made.

A.Airline tickets are non-transferable. NO name changes are allowed. Tickets are issued within hours of receiving payment deposit and cannot be reversed after you have purchased them.

B.Airlines change flight times and flight numbers often: We are not always notified by the airlines of schedule changes, passengers need to manage their booking direct with the airline with an APP, or online using their record locator number provided at time of booking. We are are not responsible for these changes made directly by the airlines

C. Missed Flights if you arrive late at airport You must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure, if you are late, and denied boarding, (which happens often) and miss a day of your trip, we cannot refund you nor can the hotel. If you miss your flight you will have to pay change fees or purchase new tickets on your own. If you are a “no show” (arriving within 45 minutes of flight) your return flight can be cancelled forcing you to purchase new return tickets on your own. These are the airline rules and Unforgettable Honeymoons has no control over the rules and regulations of the airlines.

___________ Initial Here that you read this warning please.

D. Names must match exactly – do not use nick names, check your flight itinerary to make sure your names match as we are unable to change your name under any circumstance after tickets are issued and paid.

E. Airline Information To review the rules and restrictions of the airline, please visit the airline’s Web site.

F. Latecomers who are permitted to board the flight despite arriving late (often the airline will deny boarding but in some cases if the flight is delayed will allow you to still board) will often lose seat assignments, upgrades or extra added premium seat purchases.

G. Airline tickets do not include baggage fees, each airline baggage fees differ, please check direct with airline. Overweight luggage will incur more fees.

H. Seat Assignments: Travel agencies cannot always obtain seat assignments or get seats together Seat assignments are capacity controlled at the sole discretion of the airline and are subject to change by the airline without notice. We have no control over seating. If seat numbers are listed on your itinerary they are assigned, but could be changed by airline if there is an aircraft change. Call the airline or go online after booking to obtain seats directly with airline, which may cost a fee for most airlines. The lowest fares often mean no seat assignments for many airlines. Charging for seats has become the new norm for many airlines.

I. Airline Schedule Changes Happen Often: Your flight times are subject to change If the airline has a flight change in advance our wholesaler will notify us with alternative flight time options provided by the airline.

1. If the airline has a schedule change once your trip begins causing you to arrive late at your destination: if it is caused by a mechanical failure, the airline will be responsible for providing an overnight stay if you are forced to stay overnight, but they will not refund your missed hotel nights. Hotels will not refund missed nights due to late arrivals but sometimes allow you to move your trip ahead a day if space allows.

2. Airline changes due to weather (lightening, thunderstorm, hurricane, etc.) happen often, and airlines are not responsible for your hotel stay for forced overnights, nor will they pay for unused hotel nights.

3. Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot provide refunds for missed nights of your hotel stay due to any reason, however as your agent will contact the hotel to ask if you can move your stay one day later if you are able to extend your time.

4. If you have frequent flier numbers or global entry enter those numbers online when managing your flights directly with airline.

#8 Cancelling or changing your trip due to a last-minute emergency

If it is not during our business hours, please call the airline directly to cancel your seats otherwise you will be considered a “no-show” and the value of your tickets will be zero. Do not leave a voice mail message at our office to cancel any trip. Call our after-hours number (s). Unused tickets must be cancelled by midnight on the date of departure to retain any value. Unused ticket value expires one year from original date of issue.

#9 Baggage loss and delay: The airline is responsible for your baggage. If it is lost or delayed, you must deal direct with the airline. We take no responsibility for loss luggage or delayed luggage. We can warn you however NOT to put valuables IN your luggage.

A. Put all expensive jewelry, cameras, etc. in your carry on. Always pack a swim suit and one change of clothing in your carry on just in case your luggage is delayed. Purchasing a swim suit once you arrive can be costly. Put ID inside your luggage as well as outside!!!


Travel Documents: All Travel Documents are now issued Electronically. You will receive your Travel documents 2 -3 weeks prior to your departure. Airlines NO Longer have paper tickets. Mostly it is E tickets only. You can check into your Hotel/Resort with your Identification, that’s all you need. Transfer companies will be the same way, just check in with your names.


Travel Health Information - For the most current worldwide health information, consult your family physician or the official Web site for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/ or by phone at 1-800-232-4636. You'll find information on recent outbreaks, required vaccinations, safe food and water tips, insect protection, illness and injury abroad, and more.

Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot guarantee any destination will be Zika free. It is the passengers’ responsibility to check with the US government CDC web site before travel.


Checking your final documents after full payment if you fail to check your final documents/ itinerary the day you receive them, and wait until the day you depart to look at them, and find an error, then unfortunately, you will be responsible for any fees associated with changing or rectifying the situation. It is your responsibility to report to us if something is incorrect immediately.


Unforeseeable circumstances – travel is not always perfect!

We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the proper arrangements have been made for your trip. We do not accept any liability for the actions or omissions of the independent suppliers, hotels/airlines/transfer companies over whom we have no direct control. If you have any dispute with such persons, however, we will give you such reasonable help as we can in resolving this. Please understand that we cannot control such factors as individual airlines and their policies/operations/mechanical breakdowns, or individual hotels, wholesale package companies, we cannot control the weather, government actions, war, terror, theft, your physical, medical or mental disabilities, your failure to obtain valid travel documents, or your failure to follow travel instructions or your loss of tickets/vouchers.

A. If you have a problem on your honeymoon, contact us immediately

Call us at our local phone number during business hours, our toll free does not work from out of the country, our local phone is 503 249 8444. Download Skype on your phone if you leave the country. (We do recommend you take a calling card) or email us immediately so we can assist you. We cannot check email 24/7- If your trip is booked through GOGO tours then you will be provided with an after-hours number for GOGO tours. Its 24/7. It is not a live person answering the phone, you’ll need to leave a message and give your phone number to call back and say it slowly and twice. . You must contact both after-hours numbers if you have an urgent matter you need help with right away. Do not contact one or the other, contact both. Let us know the status of the situation by email as well. This phone also has a voice mail and is monitored from 9 am PST to 10 P M PST. If you call us at 3 am local time you will not get a call back until 9 am the next morning local time.

B. If you leave the hotel early - Notify us immediately if you need to depart early due to an emergency. Speak to the hotel directly if you need to depart early.

C. There are no refunds for used nights and airline tickets. Once you have stayed overnight in a hotel it is impossible to get a refund, airline tickets are non-refundable. You must contact us immediately to let us know if you are unsatisfied with your accommodations so we can either assist you in changing hotels if necessary, or returning home early if no other hotel is available. If you want to move resorts, you will need to be prepared to pay additional out of pocket expenses for the cost of the new hotel and depending on the circumstances you might have to relinquish what you have already paid for your current hotel stay.

Speak to the general manager of the hotel if you have any issues with your stay that you feel the resort can help resolve (if there is any problem with your room they often can help move your room) Our after hours service can also work on your behalf to resolve any issues you are having if our office is closed.

Check the hotels web site and travel reviews

It is your responsibility to check the hotels web site directly as well as hotel reviews before making your final decision. Familiarize yourself with the rooms, amenities, location, etc. We do our best to recommend hotels that deliver a high level of satisfaction consistently to our clients.

PRE-PAID TRANSFERS - If your honeymoon includes pre-paid transfers to/from the airport: Your paperwork has the local phone number to call to reconfirm transfers, and it is the passengers’ responsibility to confirm by email or phone. If flights are delayed, it is possible you will miss your transfer- drivers wait up to one hour. For most of Europe, and Asia, missed transfers due to lateness are nonrefundable, however with advance notice a transfer can be changed. Call our afterhours # provided in your documents immediately if you know that your flight will be very delayed with the new arrival time.

PRE-PAID TOURS AND EXCURSIONS: please confirm all pre- paid tours and excursions 24 hours in advance, your final documents have the local phone #s. Tours and excursions are nonrefundable, but they are changeable with advance notice of several days. Some boat excursions can be cancelled if weather is not agreeable. If it is raining most excursions still operate, and will not refund clients if they choose not to go in the rain, however you can speak to them directly to ask to change the date. In the event you are due a refund for a tour that is cancelled by the tour operator, the refund can take one to two full billing cycles on your credit card.


Requests for accommodations to suit specific physical requirements, such as wheelchair accessible rooms, must be made at the time of booking and are subject to availability. Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot accept responsibility for the standards of the facilities requested, as they can vary between properties.


Bedding, views and hotel points

Hotels rarely guarantee one king bed in the room, unless specifically booked as a king bedded room, and this would be noted in your room type on this contract. (many adult only all-inclusive hotels do offer king beds- check the resorts web site and confirm your bedding type for the room you booked) We can request a king bed but not always guarantee it (Hawaii hotels do not always offer one king in room) Most hotels in Europe, Asia, Greece, Italy, do not have rooms with king beds, European bedding is normally two double beds, one double bed or one queen.

OCEAN VIEW ROOMS do not guarantee a full view of ocean from your room.

An ocean view room means you will see the ocean from your balcony, however, it does not guarantee you are right directly in front of the ocean with no other view. Rarely do hotels offer rooms that are 100% oceanfront with no other view from the room. Oceanfront rooms usually face the ocean head on, and have the best views of the ocean from the room/balcony, however couples need to review the hotel online before booking with us to check for themselves what the view is described as on the hotels web site

Rental Car Time Periods- rental cars are rented for 24-hour periods. If you take the car back more than 30 minutes past the 24-hour period, then you will be charged an extra day or $50 in some cases. If you are booking your own air, and your flight is departing later then when you arrived, you will need to pay for an extra day either with your package or when you return the car.

Hotel Points with Marriott, Starwood, etc. Hotels do not allow you to earn points for nights you book with a package because the nights are not rack rates calculated on a nightly basis therefore there is no way of determining the amount of points earned. Most of the time, you can earn points for the expenses at the hotel, and it is the guests’ responsibility for checking with hotel directly.

Food allergies/ diets:

WE cannot guarantee any hotel can cater to certain diets such as gluten free, kosher, vegan, or that they can provide food that is free of certain allergens such as peanuts. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check direct with the hotel and surrounding area to ensure that these dietary needs can be met.

PARKING and resort fees are not included with any package. ( many hotels in Hawaii have resort and parking fees) Gas and Insurance for rental cars not included. Baggage fees for flights are not included.


Hotel check in and check out- Check in is usually 3pm, check out is 11am or 12pm.

WE cannot guarantee an early check in or late check out – Hotels can hold your luggage while you get something to eat or relax nearby. Often, a hotel can offer a courtesy room, or allow you to use to their spa if need be to use shower facilities, but this is not always the case.


Once deposit and acceptance of your confirmation is received the above terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy are in affect. This goes into effect immediately after you have made deposit. Before your documents are issued, you will be required to fill out the credit card authorization form completely using our secure signature website – RightSignature.com.

Honeymoon Amenities (free extra added perks you get when on your honeymoon from the resort directly). We book all our clients as honeymooners unless they are NOT specifically on their honeymoon. We cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will receive your honeymoon amenities immediately upon arrival or on the first day of travel. Certain resorts require that you show proof you are on your honeymoon, such as a marriage certificate or invitation. Resorts often have rules that you must have been married within 30 days of arrival. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check on the requirements of the resort for the complimentary honeymoon amenity. Some resorts such as Sandals require you complete a form on their web site weeks before travel. Not all hotels give a honeymoon welcome or amenity.

Honeymoon amenities can be changed by the resort at any time, and it is a complimentary amenity that is offered by the hotel, not by Unforgettable Honeymoons. It is not a pre-paid element of your package, unless specifically stated so on your agreement. If you are on your honeymoon, and you do not receive a free amenity as per the resorts web site within 48 hours of arrival, you will need to contact Unforgettable Honeymoons by phone or email for assistance.


Responsibility & Limitation of Liability: Unforgettable INC, dba Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot be held liable for loss or damage to property or injury to persons caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional, negligent, or otherwise, by third-party suppliers, hotels and airlines. In addition, Unforgettable Honeymoons is not liable for any delays, cancellations, strikes, government actions, force-majeure events, or other actions beyond its direct control. Unforgettable Honeymoons makes no implied or express warranties in the offering of any vacation. Unforgettable Honeymoons is not liable for any indirect, consequential, or punitive damages.


General Provisions: This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Oregon. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in Multnomah County, Oregon for all disputes related to your travel from Unforgettable INC, dba Unforgettable Honeymoons.



Please check the weather for your destination, and understand due to the recent changes in worldwide weather patterns, that Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot guarantee the best time of year for most destinations. Travel agencies cannot control the weather, or guarantee sunshine, or guarantee there will be no storms or rain. If it is raining or stormy weather, hotels and airlines will not refund your stay

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