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Cosmopolitan Magazine Features Unforgettable Honeymoons Advice

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Fashion Editor Rachel Torgeson of Cosmopolitan magazine asks on of the nation's top honeymoon travel agent experts Renee Meyer for her advice for honeymoon planning through a series of questions and answers.

I Asked a Bunch of Dumb Questions About Honeymoons So You Don't Have To


Have a look at this great article featuring our advice and answers to some tough honeymoon planning questions every couple should know! Take a moment to read this great honeymoon planning article for helping you get a great start on planning your dream honeymoon!

Key excerpts from the article:

Meyer says the first thing to do is figure out where the money for your trip is coming from. "For many people, the honeymoon budget is really intertwined with the wedding budget

"It's an investment in a lifetime of memories," Meyer says. "Everyone always remembers their honeymoon." She recommends thinking about it like this: "If the difference between what you can realistically afford and your dream honeymoon is the amount of money you can save in a month, do it. Don't settle. If the difference between the affordable choice and your dream honeymoon is, like, a year's salary, then, yeah, I wouldn't recommend it."

According to Meyer, it actually could be good to wait, since you'll have more time to save — and, who knows, you may get a big gift from a relative the night of the wedding that could help you pay for your trip.

"I always tell people the first two days of your honeymoon are actually good days to do sightseeing," says Meyer. "After that, you'll start to wind down and actually be in vacation mode."

Eh, kind of? Honeyfunds are great, and very helpful for lots of couples, but they're not a sure thing, according to Meyer. After all, guests aren't actually required to get you a gift.

According to Meyer, pretty much every couple on their honeymoon expects to have a king bed in their room, but many hotels, especially in Europe, don't have king beds at all. Another big question people forget to ask is about the ocean water at their resort: Is it calm or is it rough?

Couples will head to the beach thinking they'll be able to swim, only to find conditions way too dangerous for the snorkeling trip they had in mind. To avoid disappointment once you check-in, Meyer suggests making an exhaustive list of all the things you're both expecting while on your vacation

"Why do people go to an incredible place like St. Lucia in the Caribbean and just stay at one hotel? Why aren't they experiencing more parts of this amazing island, where there are mountains and jungles — not just beaches?" she asks, adding that if you do this, she recommends a more adventurous or mountain-y location first, followed by a beachy resort where you can really relax afterward.

If what you want doesn't match up to the goings-on of your resort, it won't matter the destination you choose, according to Meyer, and you'll have a terrible time. Thoroughly read the online reviews, call the hotel, or ask your travel agent to learn what type of situation you're signing up for before you pay for anything.

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