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Design your Dream Customized Italy Honeymoon Package

Couples create their ideal Italy Honeymoon with our experts for no fee from $pp

Design your Dream Customized Italy Honeymoon Package

Let our Experts Help Create and Design Your Own Dream Italy Honeymoon Package Start to Finish

Our well traveled experts who have traveled to Italy know exactly where to go, what to see and how to design an Italy honeymoon that will truly be Unforgettable

  • Peace of mind: We've been planning Italy honeymoons for 24 years! Your once in a lifetime honeymoon should be in the hands of experienced experts who have been there

  • Honeymoon Perks: Our Italy hotel partners will welcome you as honeymooners, and most provide you with the extra added amenities that make your experience extra special

  • Rates guaranteed in US Dollars: If you book direct with hotels in Italy you will not know what your actual rate is until you check out of the hotel and pay in Euros

  • 24/7 after hours assistance: An invaluable service in the event of an urgent matter abroad

  • Our Experts assist you start to finish: even providing tips for where to eat, shop, and pre booking activities and excursions in advance

Planning is simple, determine your budget, pick and choose your islands, types of resorts, and select your day trips

Step one- We email you a planning questionnaire that helps identify your Europe dream itinerary, hotels that match your personal travel style, and your ideal budget parameters.

Step two- Our experts will review your information and determine if we are able to customize your dream Italy honeymoon for your budget that matches your preferences- an agent will reach out to let you know that we can assist you.

Step three- We require a $50.00 per person ($100 for two) pre-deposit towards your trip that covers our 30 minute expert over the phone consultation + customized itinerary to fit your budget, which is refunded to you at final payment. ( you will get a $100 credit that can be applied towards the trip cost)

If you live in USA and traveling within 8-9 months, email us at info@unforgettablehoneymoons.com to request our questionnaire. Or call us at (888) 343 6413 toll free M-F 10-6pm

Matthew and Chrissy McElwee comment

" Your Europe planning service exceeded our expectations. The itinerary was correct down to the minute - everything went smoothly, which is the absolute most you can ask for when vacationing abroad"

Why plan with the experts at Unforgettable Honeymoons?

#1 Europe can be a very complicated trip to book on your own due to the complexity of moving around in a foreign country, including language and currency differences, many couples do not take into consideration these challenges that will face them once they arrive and regret later not allowing a professional handle their travel arrangements. our expert staff have traveled extensively to Europe, and fully prepare couples for everything by phone and email before travel.

#2 Guaranteed rates in US dollars- book online and you will not know your final price until you check out! when you book online for hotels in Europe you are often booking in Euros, even though they are quoting USD, this means your price can fluctuate between the day you book the trip and when you arrive. Our rates are not going to change and there are no surprises.

#3 Hotels look good online, but once you arrive it might be a different story. You’ve checked the reviews and they look good, but who is writing the reviews? Many Europeans have a different standard than Americans, what is fantastic for them might be a terrible choice for us. Bedding is a huge factor, and many cheaper hotels in Europe only offer small twin beds that are low to the floor and hard, not comfortable at all for a good night’s sleep! Our hotel choices are based on many years of research and personal visits to the hotels. We have personal relationships as well with the hotels and they look after our honeymooners with care.

#4 Our average couple asks us over 25 uniquely different questions before they leave about their upcoming trip, if you book the trip on your own, you will be your own travel agent and handling all of these details on your own, not what you want to do when you are getting ready for the big day

#5 Honeymoon perks: all of our hotels that are our preferred partners will welcome you as honeymooners and provide a nice amenity that you deserve

#6 If something unexpected happens on your honeymoon, book it on your own and you are now the crisis solver, book with us and we will assist you with your urgent needs 24/7.

#7 Pay one agency instead of booking everything separately keeping it simple can really eliminate the stress of a European honeymoon adventure. Pay in USD with no surprises.

#8 Expert advice on everything - once you get there you’ll want to know what to see and do, where to eat, and how to save money, and we can be of great assistance to you before you depart in helping you figure out your plans so you won’t waste your time on your honeymoon

#9 Transfer assistance- many couples do not know the ins and outs of the transfers, the rail passes, and often will arrive somewhere and not know what to do next , we take the guessing game out of how to get where and what best route will be.

#10 Trust your dreams to the experts who have been planning honeymoons since 1994. It is a once in a lifetime trip and you want it to go smooth, we want you to have an amazing time, and not have to worry or stress on your honeymoon. Europe is by far the most complicated of all destinations, let our experts take the stress off you before and after your wedding!

Complimentary Honeymoon Bonuses

  • Anniversary discount travel voucher- a $50-100.00 credit towards a future trip with us
  • Exclusive 20% savings on exclusive tropical travel wear from Barbara Gerwit Designs as seen on Good Morning America, CBS news and more.

About Our Rates and honeymoon packages:

Our rates are subject to change, and based on "per person" (pp) for 2 people traveling based on the number of nights listed for each package, and are not "per night". We can add nights and airfare to any package, most rates are based on honeymoon season ( May to October) except for Europe packages which are based on low season (April /May) Packages not valid over major holiday periods or last-minute travel. Hawaii packages do not include resort fees or parking. Passport required for International travel, must be valid for 6 months from travel date.

Have Questions? Please call or Email Us!

Expert Agents can assist by phone M-F (888)343-6413
Small Deposit Reserves Your Package -only $199 per person for most trips*
We can add Airfare from any US City.

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Europe and Italy Customized Honeymoon Reviews from our clients:

Sandy and George Parks:

Unforgettable Honeymoons set us up with the most incredible Italy Honeymoon trip we could ever imagine, and doing this on our own would have been impossible. They have it down pat, down to every little last detail of how to get there, our great hotels they set up ( and the warm welcome, fruit plates, champagne, special bed decorations, and smiles from the reception) the perfect timeline, and locations, our agent Renee nailed the trip itinerary With absolute perfection.

Ellen and Brad Smith

Our agent Emma did an incredible job, she put together the ideal Italy honeymoon that made sense for our budget from the moment we got there, she recommended us do the night tour of to Rome a private tour of the Vatican, and afterwards we relaxed in the incredible coastline of Italy ( Capri, and Positano). The highlight and high note at the end of our honeymoon was our view from our Positano hotel looking right out onto the blue sea... Emma and her team know what takes to make a honeymoon smooth and worry free, and truly unforgettable , and they definitely made that happen for us!

Matthew and Chrissy McElwee

The honeymoon was fantastic. We enjoyed every bit of the trip. Each resort we stayed out was clean, the staff was always attentive, and the included breakfast was delicious.

Italy was amazing - we loved it. We explored every city we went to in order to find a few restaurants out of the main way. We also took part in quite a few guided tours and activities. The scenery was beautiful. The people were generally friendly, though as with any tourist location, some are happier to see us than others.

Highlight of the honeymoon? Tied - between Sorrento and Rome. We loved the city and sights in Rome, but our resort in Sorrento was the hands-down the best place we stayed (Art Hotel Gran Paradiso.) The two aspects of the trip - sightseeing and relaxation - were so opposite that they both need to be mentioned.
Was our service what you expected?
Exceeded expectations. The itinerary was correct down to the minute - everything went smoothly, which is the absolute most you can ask for when vacationing abroad.
Was our agent friendly, informative and helpful?
Yes - was awesome. She set up up a great trip for us and answered all of our questions promptly. She even put up with our hectic pre-wedding schedule and general lack of responsiveness, accommodating our timetable and email responses and still getting everything done on time. 11/10.

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