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Honeymoon Packages in Grenadines

Honeymoon Packages in Grenadines


Unforgettable Honeymoons searches the planet for romantic honeymoon destinations, and we found one close by! the Grenadines. Want an exotic Honeymoon Destination but don't want to fly to Bali? Think about the Grenadines, located in the deep southern Caribbean, a spectacular necklace of 32 islands and cays, only nine of them inhabited, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most popular destinations in the world for leisure sailors. Snorkelers and divers are also drawn by the region?s many underwater attractions, especially the coral-luscious Tobago Cays.

St. Vincent, "the mainland," is almost 18 miles long and made imposing by its seething giant, La Soufriére volcano, which last erupted in 1979. Guides lead hikes that wind through the surrounding forest for a close-up view. St. Vincent?s other natural attractions include the Falls of Baleine, spectacular cascades that are accessible only by boat, and the Mesopotamia region, with rows upon rows of banana trees.

Fort Charlotte, a 19th century British battlement atop a bluff in the capital of Kingstown, features an impressive interpretive display about the Carib culture. Downtown Kingstown is a bustling area, and visitors should see the Botanical Gardens, the oldest such gardens in the Caribbean (founded in 1763) featuring a breadfruit tree that was brought to the island by Capt. William Bligh after surviving the infamous mutiny aboard the Bounty.

CLIMATE: Average temperatures range from 75-87 degrees F. Driest season is January to April. Rainy season is June to October.

DINING: Restaurants available - Local. West Indian/Caribbean. Fast food. Gourmet. Chinese. Italian and French. Dress code is generally casual.

LANGUAGE: English.

NIGHTLIFE: Entertainment available. Some hotels offer dining, dancing, steel band and Calypso music. A few clubs and discos offer West Indian entertainment. Casino.

SIGHTSEEING: Botanic Gardens. Fort Charlotte. La Sourfriere Volcano. Carib Petroglyphs. Falls of Baleine. Dark View Falls. Trinity Falls. Wallilabou Falls. Montreal Gardens. Vermont Nature Trail. Owia Salt Pond. Black Point Tunnel. Pirates of the Caribbean Film set. Tobago Cays. Grenadine Islands.

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