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Honeymoon Packages in Cook Islands

Honeymoon Packages in Cook Islands

Cook Island Honeymoon Packages

Budget to Luxury

We have been there and can help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams in this South Pacific paradise called the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands consist of 15 islands scattered over some 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean.... They lie in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle, flanked to the west by the Kingdom of Tonga and the Samoas and to the east by Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia. Trust our experts who have personally traveled to the Cook Islands to plan your Cook Island honeymoon, Cook Island wedding or anniversary trip to Rarotonga or Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.

Rarotonga: a perfect Honeymoon Island:

Rarotonga is the vibrant centre of the Cook Islands. It's circular shape is dominated by high mountain peaks from which lush rain forests cascade to a palm-fringed shore. The island is almost completely encircled by a reef, which harbours a lagoon of clear turquoise waters and many inviting white sand beaches. Beyond the reef, the indigo blue of the ocean provides a vivid contrast and a bountiful supply of fish. Honeymooners love to rent a moped and explore the island together. many quiet beaches and lots of good hikes too.

Aitutaki- you won't believe what you see: absolute paradise

A visit to the Cook Islands is not complete without seeing our beautiful island of Aitutaki. The breathtaking allure of it's crystal clear turquoise waters and sparkling white beaches is an essential ingredient in any Cook Island holiday. This is a place of unsurpassed natural beauty and tranquillity, providing a simple tonic to sooth away the pressures of the outside world.

Aitutaki is 220 kilometres north of Rarotonga and less than an hour's flight away. It is partly volcanic and partly of atoll origin. It's highest hill, Maungapu is said to be the top of Rarotonga's Raemaru Peak, brought back by victorious warriors. The spectacular lagoon (45 kilometres around) is abundant with coloured fish of many varieties, it's perimeter sprinkled with many small and charming uninhabited islands (motus).

Weddings in the Cook Islands by Unforgettable Honeymoons

Everything you ever dreamed of and more... the Cook Islands offers hundreds of possibilities for your never-to-be-forgotten wedding day. Many of the visitors are so moved by our paradise, they renew their vows at special ceremonies. Whatever your needs, you'll find the setting and ceremony to fit your budget. Cook Island marriages are internationally recognized and, of course, legally binding worldwide.

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