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Honeymoon Packages in Italy

Honeymoon Packages in Italy

Expert Italy Honeymoon Planning

Our Italy Experts assist you start to finish

Italy Honeymoons are worry-free when you trust the experts who have been there, and can handle all of your travel arrangements start to finish. Unforgettable Honeymoons has 2 decades of experience planning honeymoons to Italy- we custom design our Italy honeymoons to maximize romance, adventure and value. Our Italy packages even feature day trips and excursion such as horseback riding, city tours, wine tasting, and your transfers to/from the resorts!

How much time do we need to see Italy on our honeymoon?

Our Italy honeymoon experts advise at least 9-10 nights to start. Couples can enjoy two to three destinations within Italy for 3 nights each. If you have never been to Italy before plan on seeing Rome and Florence and then deciding on whether to add Venice, Cinque Terre, Tuscany or Amalfi Coast. If you are traveling in the winter it is best to stick with Venice instead of the coastal areas.

How do we being planning for an Italy Honeymoon?

  • Set a budget set a budget for your entire trip, factor in flights, hotels, rail passes, and meals drinks and tips. Tell us your entire budget so we can determine what package will fit your budget best
  • Discuss what main sites you must see- sit down and make a dream list of what you want to see and do in Italy, is Venice a must see? the Vatican? how about the coast of Italy like Sorrento, Positano or Capri?
  • Ask us about the time of year- and determine if its the best time to visit for what you want to do, if you want to hit the coast of Italy, then best to go May to early October, as it is too cold other times of year

    How to determine if Italy your ideal Europe Honeymoon Destination

      Italy is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples who love the excitement of combining an adventure trip with a blend of art, history, dining ,wine, culture, and a lot of walking! ( maybe even a little hiking)

      Questions to ask yourself-

      Do you love Italian wine and food?

      An obvious question. You can go to Italy just for these reasons alone.

      Do you love History?

      Italy is full of history, and it all starts in Rome where you can visit structures such as the Parthenon and Colosseum which were built 1950 years ago. You can spend a couple of days exploring the Roman Forum and the Vatican, both equally important historical sights.

      Do you love art?

      The renaissance began in Florence Italy around 1300's. Florence, Rome and Venice all offer incredible pieces of original art that you can see up close by Da Vinci, Giotto, Tintoretto and more

      how will we be spending our time on our Italy Honeymoon?

      Walking, Eating, Exploring, Sightseeing, Repeat! Most couples walk 5-10 miles a day when In Italy especially when staying in Venice ,Florence and Rome. The Amalfi coast can be a little more relaxing but still you’d be tempted to walk or hike, or be out on the water. The Amalfi coast has beaches, but they are pebbles/rocks and not the same as Caribbean. Laying out by the resorts private pool would be ideal for honeymooners who want some sun and relaxation . A note on beaches: many women are topless, the norm in Europe.

        Italy may not be a great honeymoon destination for couples looking for an all inclusive beach honeymoon experience

          There are no all inclusive hotels in Italy, and the beaches are not what most Americans expect. Most of the beaches on the Amalfi coast and Cinque terre are smaller pebbles not powdery sandy beaches. Also the beaches are quite crowded in the summer.

              The downsides of an Italy Honeymoon

              • You will want to do and see too much and exhaust yourself. Our experts will help you determine a nice pace for sightseeing and how to find time to relax and get pampered.
              • You might spend more money than planned. Our experts can help you budget what you'll spend and make suggestions to save money as well.
              • There is a chance you can be misled, or pick pocketed. This can happen in many European countries as Americans are targets for scams. Our experts can give you the heads up on what to look for so you will be aware of these tactics.

                How much should we budget for our Italy Honeymoon?

              • You will need to budget a minimum of $5500- $7000.00 for two (from April to October) to cover international air fare to /from Italy, to also cover all the rail tickets ( not included in our package) , airport and train to hotel transfers, hotel stay and breakfast daily
              • Consider the expenses while in Italy for all of your meals, drinks, museum passes, activities, cabs, etc. This can start at $200 USD a day, but you can spend less. Our Italy expert can ask questions to determine how much you might spend per day.

              • Why Choose Italy for your Honeymoon Destination?

                #1- Once you go to Italy you cannot wait to return to Italy

                Italy has a charm and draw that no other location quite has and that is why Italy is so perfect for a honeymoon. Ask anyone who has been to Italy and they will start sharing their experiences and tell you how they cannot wait to return. Everywhere you go in Italy you'll feel the vibe, its a unique feel you only can get on a honeymoon in Italy- its encompassing, and completely unexplained- but once you have felt the romance of Italy, you'll never forget it. We feel Italy is one of the most romantic places to honeymoon in Europe.

                #2- There are endless things to see and do on an Italy honeymoon

                Honestly, you will never have enough time to explore all that Italy has to offer, so while you are there, you'll already be planning your return! We can help you figure out what to see and do on your honeymoon in Italy. We can pre plan gondola rides in Venice, tours of the Vatican in Rome, or a boat tour in Capri. Start to finish we can help you plan the most romantic Italy honeymoon because we have been there!

                #3- Italy is an affordable culinary adventure

                The cuisine of Italy is a favorite for most Americans. Fresh homemade pasta, delicious wines, all very affordable as well. We just returned from Rome and Florence and found that a plate of Ravioli, Spaghetti Carbonara or Penne Pasta averaged $10-11.00 in most restaurants. Pizza is fantastic as well and in the same price range. Romantic dining spots are everywhere, and the menu's are like none you've seen before. wine is very reasonable as well, but you'll only find Italian wines in Italy.

                #4- the Italians are charming and friendly

                Couples fall in love the warmth and welcoming you'll receive from the Italian people everywhere you go, and many speak English as well. A honeymoon in Italy is not stressful like you might think, it really is easy going, and most Europeans speak English.

                #5 Incredible scenery on an Italy honeymoon

                No matter where you go in Italy you are in for amazing sights and scenic beauty its a photographers dream to go to Italy and you'll not be able to stop clicking your camera or iphone!

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