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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Unforgettable Honeymoons offers an invaluable service during the Coronavirus crisis

COVID19- Coronavirus

The Invaluable Benefits of Booking Your Honeymoon with Unforgettable Honeymoons

A letter from our owner and founder, Renee Meyer

Dear future honeymoon client,

First, I want to say congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding.

Second, thank you for visiting our website and reading this blog post

I am deeply sorry that this crisis has occurred during this time of your life, as it can be one of the most challenging times to plan a wedding and your honeymoon.

I would like to invite you to learn why Unforgettable Honeymoons is the right agency to trust your plans with during this crisis.

Over the last 25 years, my staff and I have planned over 10,000 honeymoons, which has taught us invaluable lessons about what it takes to make sure our client's honeymoon experience is the absolute best it can be. We strive to be the best honeymoon planners in the industry today. We have weathered the storm of many worldwide crises, including 911, our level of experience is unmatched in this industry.

We learned that the most important part of our job is to be there for our clients when plans are interrupted by anything and everything that can go wrong that is out of our control.

Our current clients know we have been working day and night for the past few weeks to help them.

We did not close our doors, or leave a message on our voice mail like many travel companies have done the past few weeks who were unable to handle the volume of endless changes and cancellations. We were prepared for this crisis with our 25 years of experience and rock-solid foundation.

One of the greatest benefits of our service is our personalized attentiveness and availability to our clients which is invaluable especially when there are worldwide issues that can affect travel.

If you read our reviews you will notice one commonality – just about all of our clients have amazing and often over the top experiences on their honeymoon simply because their final choice was the result of our professional honeymoon planning process, as well as our one on one attention to their plans, start to finish.

Many couples ask us when they first call, what is the difference between booking with Unforgettable Honeymoons vs Expedia, or an online booking site?

Over the years we have been asked this a thousand times, and our answer is the same- if you book online you are the travel agent, and if there is a problem you'll have to solve it on your own. You get absolutely no personal service, no tips, no advice, and little to no help if things do not go as planned.

These mega travel companies book millions of trips a year but they do not have a personalized booking agent to back up every one of those honeymoons, so when there is a crisis of worldwide proportions the system will completely fail and breakdown.

This is happening now.

The system has broken down and affected tens of thousands of honeymooners who booked online. They cannot speak to the agency they booked with, they cannot change their plans, and they are extremely overwhelmed due to the lack of customer services and help these companies are failing to provide.

If you booked your honeymoon in June, and need to change it, you'll need to wait until 72 hours before the date to make a change in most cases. NOT the case for Unforgettable Honeymoons clients.

From the moment this crisis began, we have contacted our clients with reassurance that we will be assisting them in their needs, and have not missed one single phone call, and have quickly and efficiently responded to every single email received.

We have replanned honeymoons that took weeks to plan in a matter of hours for each and every couple.

  • Our agents have been available to all of our clients through the COVID 19 crisis, none of our honeymooners, not one, has had to wait on hold, or wait until 72 hours before traveling for help.
  • Every honeymoon couple has an expert agent to help them, we do not allow online booking therefore we cannot have more couples book their honeymoon than we can personally handle.

When you book with us, you are in the hands of seasoned professionals, we are the oldest most reputable honeymoon specific agency online in the USA. Our experience and solid business reputation are what you need to make sure that your plans are safe and sound.

We hope that you give us the opportunity to put your minds at ease for your upcoming honeymoon or destination wedding.


Renee Meyer

Owner/ Founder

Unforgettable Honeymoons

Unforgettable Honeymoons is the "Nation’s Leading Honeymoon Planning Experts Since 1994". Call toll-free, 1-888-343-6413, or Contact Us to start planning your honeymoon today!

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