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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Jamaica Honeymoon during COVID19

Honeymoon to Jamaica- Couples Tower Isle

Honeymooners Victoria and Jonas Share their COVID Honeymoon to Jamaica Feedback

Victoria and Jonas, How did the honeymoon turn out in general?

One word, AMAZING!! The resort was beautiful. The employees were so friendly. Food was delicious! So many fun activities included including unlimited spa treatments in our private spa pool villa at Couples.

What were a few of the main highlights of your honeymoon?

The spa was the best! I also loved the catamaran cruise and snorkeling. Jonas loved Dunn’s River Falls and hanging out at our private pool at our villa!

How did COVID affect your honeymoon experience in a good or negative way?

I don’t really feel as though it affected it at all.

Of course some extra paperwork and precaution was required such as wearing a mask, but nothing was really affected by it! If anything, it was a positive effect because there were less people at our resort! It did not impact any of our plans as everything we planned was available.

I know Couples Tower Isle is not doing facials at their spa but we planned to mainly due to other treatments so they didn’t impact us at all.

The resort encourages wearing your mask when you aren’t able to keep your distance but it isn’t a requirement except when you’re on the bus to/from the airport or an excursion, as well as during spa treatments. Spa treatments may sound weird with a mask on but I honestly didn’t notice.

Checking in on your flight is different due to them checking documents prior but as long as you have your negative result and travel authorization, you’re good. Getting through Montego Bay’s airport was super quick. They ask for your documents but that was it!

What did you like best about the resort(s) you stayed at?

I loved our spa villa! We loved all of the food and restaurants as well as the friendly employees. The resort was very well kept and manicured. I also loved how it never felt crowded or massive. Everything was close yet our room was very private and away from the main areas.

What did you enjoy least and why?

The weather which can’t be controlled by anyone! We just happened to go at a time where it was more rainy due to some tropical storms, but it didn’t affect any of our activities.

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