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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Italy vs Greece Honeymoon, Top Experts Help You Choose

Italy VS Greece Honeymoon

Our top experts help you make the right choice

For the past 25 years, our agency has been planning honeymoons to Greece and Italy, and one of the most common questions we hear is "We cannot decide whether to go to Greece or Italy for our honeymoon" We have traveled to both multiple times and have planned thousands of honeymoons to both locations. Below some of our top tips for choosing and a point system for helping you decide.

First Lets talk about Italy, Is Italy your ideal Honeymoon destination.

Italy is ideal for couples who love an adventure that is focused on wine/food, sightseeing, history, art, and culture. Most Italy honeymoons involve moving around two, or three maybe four times from one area to the next so it is not a "relax" at the beach honeymoon. ( although you can schedule a little downtime here and there)

Do you love Italian food and wine

In Italy, you will mostly only be dining on Italian cuisine and enjoying Italian wines. The fresh pasta, homemade pizzas, and incredible desserts will be one of the highlights of your Italy honeymoon.

Are you an Art and History lover

Italy is full of history, and it all starts in Rome where you can visit structures such as the Parthenon and Colosseum which were built 1950 years ago. The Renaissance began in Florence Italy around 1300's. Florence, Rome, and Venice all offer incredible pieces of original art that you can see up close by Da Vinci, Giotto, Tintoretto and more. Truly these pieces of art will be inspirational.

Do you love walking, exploring ancient sites, museums and churches?

Expect to do a lot of walking on your Italy honeymoon. Average couples will walk 5-10 miles a day exploring each area. Expect to visit churches, museums, ancient buildings, and hiking up to lookout points to see the beauty of each city or village. The Amalfi coast can be a little more relaxing but still, you’d be tempted to walk or hike or be out on the water.

Next, let us explore what Greece will be like for your honeymoon

Greece is a very different experience than Italy but similar in some ways. First of all, once you are in Greece you already be planning your return trip! Like Italy, you will move around 2-3 different locations but instead of train, you'll travel by ferry or flight.

Do you picture yourself pool or beachside during the heat of the day?

In Greece, you'll most likely spend some of your days laying by the pool (and seeing some incredible views ) or playing at the beach and cooling off in the ocean. Greece can be very hot esp. starting in June.

Do you hope to explore an ancient island together, by ATV, rental car or on foot?

Couples will be out and about during the day checking out the sights on the islands they visit. Renting an ATV and exploring different beaches and villages is typical in Mykonos. Checking out wineries in Santorini or going on a romantic sunset cruise would be a must-do for all honeymooners

Is your heart set on a plunge pool luxury suite that is private and secluded?

Another reason to head to Greece for your honeymoon would be for the accommodations. The islands have secluded, romantic hotels and suites that offer Jacuzzi’s and plunge pools with dramatic views and steps to the beach. Greece is great for couples who want a non-traditional resort feel with high-end luxury hotels with spectacular views and luxury suites!

Greece Vs Italy Honeymoon: Your overall experience will be vastly different

  • A Greece honeymoon will be more "relaxing" than an Italy honeymoon. You will be in your bathing suit by the pool and on the beach in Greece most of your days. However, you will have time to walk around villages, go shopping and eat delicious meals and drink great wines.
  • Greece sights are more about the natural beauty of the islands- you'll be snapping photos of the spectacular caldera in Santorini and incredible sunsets in Mykonos.
  • Italy will focus more on seeing incredible man-made sights such as the Duomo, the Colosseum, Pantheon and St Marks Basicila all mind-blowing buildings and artwork that will inspire you to learn more about ancient history.
  • Italy is also about the dining and wine scene- Couples who want to embark on a culinary adventure will enjoy taking cooking classes, wine tasting in Tuscany, and pizza tasting all over Italy.

Are you looking for a relaxing All-inclusive honeymoon at the beach with snorkeling and watersports and meals included?

If so, Head to the Caribbean, Fiji, Mexico, or Hawaii. Greece and Italy are not good choices. The Amalfi coast has beaches, but not the kind you might expect. The sand is very rough and mostly small pebbles. The ocean is cooler. Beaches are very busy in the summer. Laying out by the resort's private pool might be a better choice in Italy. A note on beaches: many women are topless, the norm in Europe. Greece has nicer beaches and pools, however, there are no all-inclusive hotels here and that would defeat the purpose of going to Europe, it is all about exploring and having choices for where to dine and drink.

Still Cannot Decide? Then go to both Italy and Greece, it is easy to do with our Ultimate Greece and Italy Honeymoon Package

Couples love the idea we had over 10 years ago to design a package that takes honeymooners to both Greece and Italy on their honeymoon. Our package takes couples to Rome, Amalfi Coast, Athens, and Santorini. We handle all the details and logistics. check our Ultimate Italy and Greece Honeymoon Combination Package here.

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