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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Do's and Don'ts of Honeymoon Planning

Protect Your Dream Honeymoon Plans- A Must Read Before You Book

Seven Invaluable Tips to avoid Honeymoon disasters

  1. Do Choose use a reputable experienced travel Agency, avoid booking with an online booking site or a "blogger"

We have been in business for 25 years planning honeymoons and have witnessed hundreds of honeymoon and romance travel agents and agencies come and go, some of them going out of business leaving couples stranded with no hotel reservations and no way to get a refund.

"We have assisted countless frantic couples over the years who have come to us with urgent last-minute honeymoon re-do plans after their travel agent or agency disappeared with their deposit"

Over the years we have helped countless couples and we see more on the horizon. We see multiple honeymoon web sites that have just popped up lately that have little or no professional credentials, no physical location, lack a business license, or affiliations to professional travel organizations such as Iatan or the better business bureau. (yet couples are trusting them with their travel plans) It can be a true challenge to navigate the world of travel on the internet as it is so easy to make yourself look professional and experienced with a slick web site

An experienced travel professional will know what can go wrong, anticipate the challenges and go the extra mile for your honeymoon!

  • Choose an agency that has been in business for at least 10 years, and specializes in honeymoons. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong on a honeymoon, and you want a professional who knows and anticipates challenges before they happen.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau's website to make sure they are a member in good standing.
  • Check to make sure they have a business license ( every state as a name check a web site to see if a business has a license to conduct business in the state they reside in)
  • Do not book with any travel agent unless they are a member of Iatan www.iatan.org. Iatan requires 5 years verifiable experience, references from wholesalers, client trust bank account verification and errors and omissions insurance
  • Ask for first-hand travel knowledge. If an agent has been to the location she or he can share the important information you will need to know beforehand to maximize your experience.
  • Check online reviews at Google, Yelp, Wedding Wire, etc.. but make sure all the reviews are not all uploaded within the last few months but show reviews going back many years, consistently.
  • Check web site longevity web site longevity here to see how long their web site has been up on the internet. Again, anyone can upload a web site and start a business now and be gone tomorrow
  • Do not book your honeymoon with travel bloggers, they are writers and have mostly just booked their own travel plans and do not have the years of experience of booking travel for others which is essential. Many of them are now using their blogs to try and get customers to book with them.

2. Don’t always rely on advice from friends and family or online review web sites for your honeymoon plans

Your dream honeymoon should be a personal decision based on your desires, needs and personal travel style. Your friends' advice for your honeymoon plans may or may not be helpful to you depending on their base of comparison of where they have traveled before, and what they prefer might be different from what your idea of a perfect honeymoon might be.

Should you trust review sites for honeymoon planning?

Online review sites cannot 100% guarantee the authenticity of their reviews, and many reviews are written by couples who do not have the same base of comparison as you do, something amazing and fabulous to them might be average to you. This is not the best place for honeymoon planning advice.

3. Set a honeymoon package budget- and prepare to be flexible.

Honeymoon Planning 101- set a honeymoon budget first. Before you can plan where to go, you need to plan for what you can afford to spend. Often family members will promise to help or offer to give you points for airline miles or timeshare points.

  • We caution about timeshares as they are not always easy to book and cater to families
  • Never use a buddy airline pass for your honeymoon, it is way too risky.
  • Many couples opt for an all-inclusive resort which includes all your expenses ( meals/ drinks/ tips/ watersports) With this option, an all-inclusive honeymoon, your honeymoon budget can be very specific, and you will know upfront what you are going to spend on the entire honeymoon package.
  • Consider a honeymoon registry to help supplement your honeymoon budget but do not depend on those funds to pay for your honeymoon! Some agencies have their own registry and some have affiliate sites. Our Honeymoon Registry

4. Do sit down together and discuss a dream list & identify three "must" haves.

The honeymoon will be one of the first and most important decisions to make as a couple. Plan it together, and have a goal to choose a spot that suits both of your preferences.

  • Make a top dream honeymoon destinations list that you've both always wanted to visit
  • Make a list of 3 must-haves. (separately) These are 3 things that you feel that you need to have on your honeymoon and do not want to settle for less.

Examples on your honeymoon dream wish list could be

  • Beachfront room with a view of the ocean
  • Jacuzzi tub on the balcony
  • All-Inclusive Resort
  • Secluded Location
  • Swim-up pool bar
  • Great Snorkeling off the beach
  • Hiking to a waterfall
  • Couples massages
  • private pool suite
  • villa or cottage accommodation
  • Short Flight
  • Passport needed!

5. Don’t book your airline reservations under your married name

It takes several weeks to get your name changed to your married name and we advise that you use your current passport name for all reservations.

6. Don't Skimp- It's your honeymoon, and it's once in a lifetime

The honeymoon is just as important as all the other elements of your wedding and quality is key. You do not want to have any regrets later. Your honeymoon is an investment in a lifetime of memories.

  • If what you really desire and what you can afford is only a few hundred dollars apart then consider staying one less night, we find this plan can work quite well!
  • If your dream destination is the high season when you are traveling and unaffordable but less expensive another time of year and affordable consider a "mini-moon" right after the wedding and then head to your dream honeymoon a few weeks or months later

Once you find the right package do not skimp by booking with a cheap online booking engine that only cares about your credit card number and will never speak to you. Just pinpointing your honeymoon location and booking it is only the beginning of the honeymoon planning. We strongly advise you choose an experienced professional to help you with your plans, it will save you time, money and stress.

7. Consider a Honeymoon Registry to assist financially

instead of a typical bridal registry, try a honeymoon registry? Guests can contribute towards your honeymoon and you choose how to spend the funds! Check out our Honeymoon Registry web site: www.giftsforyourhoneymoon.com This is our latest new honeymoon registry program that will be a full service registry program, where you can get your own wedding web page and break down your honeymoon into separate segments so that your guests can choose a gift!

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