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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Are there All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts in Hawaii?

Are there "All Inclusive" Hawaiian Resorts?

At this time, there are no "true" 100% all-inclusive resorts anywhere in Hawaii– and we don’t believe there ever will be this type of hotel to be opened in the Hawaiian islands. Hawaii is not the type of destination that offers an “all-inclusive” resort experience like you see in Mexico or the Caribbean. Below we will explain the difference so you can make an educated decision for your honeymoon.

Hawaii is an "exploration" see it on your own destination

Couples venture to Hawaii to see the incredible scenery, do fun activities such as zip-lining, hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling. Try and enjoy the local cuisine, see the local sights, hear local music and do a little shopping as well. This type of experience means that you’ll be away from your resort for part of the time or even most of the time.

Your resort is more of a base for sightseeing. Hawaii can be surprisingly affordable and offers many more choices for dining, entertainment, and areas to explore on your own as compared to destinations such as Cancun, Jamaica, and Punta Cana which are “all-inclusive” hot spots.

You can hop in a car and get up close with waterfalls, rivers, incredible vistas, see rainbows, secluded beaches, and spectacular coastlines…..the greatest part of Hawaii is that it is America, and you don’t need a passport.

How do we pick between All Inclusive Caribbean/Mexico resort or a Hawaiian Honeymoon?

That really depends on your personal travel style

if you truly want to control and manage your budget for the honeymoon. If you choose Hawaii you might not know exactly how much you’ll spend on the total trip, we can help you determine your estimated costs based on your dining and activity preferences.

Go to Hawaii if you truly want to see some of the most beautiful islands in the world and love to get out and do things together

With an all-inclusive experience you can determine your costs upfront- you pay only one price and everything is included. This will free your mind of all economic decisions, giving you the freedom to enjoy each other on a stress-free vacation- which will mostly be spent at your resort (there are options to do excursions as well for an extra cost).

We do offer a few packages that have elements of an all-inclusive hotel in Hawaii

Unforgettable Honeymoons has designed and identified some great Hawaii honeymoons that are value added with some meals and drinks included. We offer a "club" experience at Ritz Carlton Kapalua as well as a Sheraton Maui four dinners package, and the romance package at Royal Lahaina. Part of the fun of Hawaii is exploring and dining out, two things you don't really do at an all-inclusive hotel.

Due to the overwhelming demand for meals inclusive Hawaii honeymoons, we have put together and designed some semi-inclusive honeymoons in Hawaii, these are not 100% all-inclusive resorts like Sandals. Let us know your thoughts!

Hawaii is ideal for couples who want to explore on their own with the freedom of having a car, choosing their own restaurants, and where to go every day

Explore the islands on your own – great for couples who don’t want to sit on a beach all day or by a pool bar sipping cocktails but want to get out and explore! Endless options for dining out, entertainment, and activities. See spectacular scenery and enjoy the Aloha spirit.

Or, should we choose an All Inclusive Honeymoon Resort in the Caribbean, Mexico or Costa Rica?

Pay one price, manage the budget upfront. Free your mind of all economic decisions. Relax at your resort and focus on each other. Spend your days at the pool bar, laying on the beach, doing water sports from the beach. Many resorts are ‘adult’ only which means no screaming kids by the pool! Some resorts offer very romantic accommodations suites with plunge pools and Jacuzzis on your deck.

The Downsides of an all-inclusive honeymoon

Limited to eating, drinking, and entertainment at your resort. Most of your time is spent at the resort, so best to choose the resort, not the destination.

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