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Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Expert Honeymoon Travel Blog

Are Overwater Bungalows Overrated and Overpriced

Dreaming of an Overwater Bungalow Honeymoon...

Are overwater bungalows worth the money?

Our experts will help you decide if booking an overwater bungalow will be the right investment for your dream honeymoon

Many couples view the images of overwater bungalows and decide right then and there that this is what they want for their honeymoon - The search begins, and they realize there are not a vast amount of choices, and the ones that are available are not always economical.

What will you spend once all expenses are factored in?

  • An Overwater bungalow no matter where you go will be a bare-bones investment starting no less than $7000 for two and may or may not include air tickets depending on the destination and where you live. Also, many are not "all-inclusive" and the price for food, beverage, and activities can be 25-50% more than expected in some of these locations.

We advise our honeymooner's overall their trip cost will be higher than initially anticipated. Once all expenses are factored in that you'll spend no less than $10,000 for a 4-5 night stay with air tickets.

An overwater bungalow is a more intimate honeymoon that forces you to truly focus on each other

  • The perfect opportunity to spend time together in an intimate setting
  • Perfect for couples who want to spend time relaxing, laying out on their deck and chilling out!
  • Great for spa lovers
  • The focus will be on watersports- paddleboarding, swimming, kayaking, some areas have good snorkeling.

Warning: if you book an overwater bungalow please agree to put away your phones, as it will be tempting to spend time texting images on social media all day. It is not worth the money if you do not have enough to do together and spend most of your time on social media.

Overwater Bungalows are not ideal for couples who:

  1. Price sensitive and on a very precise set budget, we often hear couples ask for the cheapest best deal. These are the most expensive accommodations and rarely on sale.
  2. Type A personalities. If you wake up every morning & want to get out about and see something different and new.
  3. Want the ultimate in privacy. The outdoor decks are often not very private. Other guests staying in neighboring bungalows can see you on your deck and anyone kayaking, or swimming by can as well
  4. Couples seeking off-site trips and adventures- Many of the locations do not offer hiking, waterfalls, town areas, or other islands to take day trips to.
  5. Expecting sunshine all day every day- the photos show you the incredible water when it's clear and sunny- if its cloudy, overcast and raining it will not look nearly as stunning as when the sun is out

Couples ask us, are overwater bungalows worth the high price we will pay?

The simple answer is yes and no depending on the couple and their expectations

The answer will be different for each couple and depends on what you truly want to experience on your honeymoon. The beauty of a destination and room is not enough to sustain a complete honeymoon experience for most couples.

Couples need to examine what the destination offers both of them instead of focusing on just the accommodation.

If the weather is not ideal, and you don't have enough to see and do you'll set yourself up for disappointment Often with the most beautiful overwater bungalows the destination is an island that can be very isolated with very little to see and do.

Overwater bungalows were originally built in the Tahitian islands

The narrow atolls that you see in Bora Bora have very little land and beach, and it made sense to start building over the water to maximize the number of paying guests at the property.

Most overwater bungalows are built in destinations that lack land to build on, and if they did not have overwater bungalows you probably would not consider going to this exact resort or island on your honeymoon.

This is key right here. Ask yourselves this question :

If there were no overwater bungalows in the location you are looking to go to, would you choose this island/ resort destination?

Take a good look at what there is to see and do every day and if you will enjoy the culture, the activities, and is there enough variety of excursions and activities that you can experience together to satisfy both of your needs.

Questions couples ask us about Overwater bungalows

1. Overwater Bungalows are stunningly beautiful and stand individually over the water but does that mean you have total privacy? The answer is probably not, in most cases you do not have a lot of privacy unless you book the last bungalow at the end of the pontoon which is usually the most expensive. Most couples can see other couples on the deck of their overwater bungalows or can hear what is taking place as sound travels over water. When you are on your deck you can easily be viewed by others who are kayaking, swimming or boating by your bungalow.

2. Can we jump off our deck and go swimming right from our bungalow? Yes and no… often depending on the depth of the water you can find yourself just swimming out to nowhere or to your neighbor's ladder. ( please don’t do that!) Most couples will take a short plunge into the ocean swim under their bungalow and want a picture snapped from the glass window from inside their bungalow

3. Can’t we see tons of fish and coral under our glass window? No coral, a few fish. There will be no coral reefs living under overwater bungalows, and fish mostly want to be around coral. If you take some bread from your dinner table and start throwing into the water you will probably get some action but do not expect to see much under your glass window.

If an overwater bungalow is not ideal for you, consider a private beach bungalow with Jacuzzi and Pool in a location that might have more to see and do

  • There are so many other options if you want privacy and things to see and do, there are plenty of villas with pools and Jacuzzis' that are in destinations around the world that might be of great interest to both of you.

If you choose an overwater bungalow your choices will be limited to these destinations:

Bora Bora: the most famous place to spend your honeymoon, and where it all began.

Bora Bora is an atoll and has the most magnificent rock formation in the middle of the island called Mt Otemano which you can see from most hotels. This rock formation is what has made this destination so familiar to us but there is no hiking permitted. The hotels are mostly lined up along a long atoll on the eastside of the mountain. Couples can book a 2-hour jet ski ride around the island and try a stingray shark feed excursion. Most of your time will be spent at your hotel as you need a ferry to get to the main island that is mostly residential with a handful of restaurants.

Moorea: Next to Tahiti and made famous by the movie “The Bounty”

Usually a second choice after Bora Bora, this is an island, not an atoll so it lacks the waist-deep stunningly beautiful lagoons that Bora bora is famous for. Couples can rent a car and drive around the island in about 1 hour. Most of the island is residential. We recommend a great ATV tour for our clients. The downside: Due to the high mountain peaks, the beach areas where the resorts are located can get socked in with clouds more often. Moorea and Bora Bora Honeymoons

Tahaa, Tikehau, Rangiora and Huahine islands

Other French Polynesian islands that are overlooked but worth considering. ask our experts for information on these off the beaten path islands in French Polynesia.

Fiji- a fantastic destination with some overwater “bures” with all meals

These are not the same as the bungalows you find in Tahiti and Bora Bora. Fiji is the underwater coral capital of the world and building overwater bungalows can destroy coral. The overwater "bures" are built over a lagoon with no coral or a carved out mangrove swamp. Some are more Edgewater not over water.

Fiji offers overwater/Edgewater bungalows with all meals no drinks. ( In addition, we have great specials on resorts that have villas with their own pools which are more secluded than the overwater bungalows) Fiji Honeymoons

Maldives- these are the top end most luxurious overwater bungalows on planet earth.

There are hundreds of islands to choose from and the Maldives offers budget to over the top overwater bungalows some that have retractable roofs and slides that take you into the ocean that cost $5000 a night. We have multiple all-inclusive overwater bungalows and ones that have meals only with no drinks. ( drinks $20 each in the Maldives) the downside of Maldives will be the long flights to get there as well as the isolation factor of these islands. ( we suggest combining the Maldives with Thailand, Dubai, Bali) Maldives Honeymoon packages

Caribbean- the latest edition of Overwater Bungalows that are "all-inclusive" and the more expensive per night vs Tahiti

Sandals, Royalton and El Dorado resorts all have added overwater bungalows and they are getting booked up well in advance. These overwater bungalows are not exactly the same as the ones in Bora Bora or the Maldives. They are positioned much closer to the edge of the beach, less private, and not always truly over water ( for example in St Lucia the overwater bungalows are partially on a strip of land more like Edgewater bungalows)

Couples will spend $2000 a night or more, however, keep in mind that you are eating the same meals that a couple who paid $400-500 a night paid and they are staying beachfront. There are two choices in Jamaica, one in Antigua and one choice in St Lucia ( these all include unlimited Alcohol) Look at our packages here: All Inclusive Overwater Bungalows

The purpose of this blog is not to veer you away from an overwater bungalow honeymoon- it is to educate you so that you both can make the right choice and have a lifetime of incredible memories

We can assist you in making the right choice and then also advise you what to pack, what you will spend, what to see and do while abroad, and how to maximize your experience.

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