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Honeymoons are worry-free when you trust the experts! Unforgettable Honeymoons® has been specializing in honeymoon planning since 1994, our expert agents can help plan a worry free honeymoon package to any one of our worldwide honeymoon destinations. We are a premium travel service for couples, and offer customized honeymoons around the world. 

Unforgettable Honeymoons® is one of the worlds leading honeymoon niche travel companies.   Unforgettable Honeymoons continues to grow as a successful "couples" agency because we take the time to find out what our clients needs, desires and preferences are. We listen carefully and then suggest travel packages and itineraries that closely match what they are hoping and dreaming their trip will be.


Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

Jamaica, Antigua, Anguilla, St Lucia, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, St Barts, St Martin, Virgin Islands, Barbados, Grenada ,Grenadines, Aruba

Fiji Islands Honeymoons

Qamea Island, Tokoriki Island, Vitu Levu, Yasawa Island, Viwa Island, Castaway, Matamanoa island, Lomani Island,  Taveuni Island and more

Tahiti and Bora Bora Honeymoons

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Huahine, Tahaa, Rangiroa, and Moorea islands

Thailand Honeymoons

Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi, Krabi and Chiang  Mai / Chiang Rai

Australia and New Zealand Honeymoons

Sydney, Ayers rock, Cairns, Port Douglas, Auckland, Queenstown, Bay of Islands, Rotorua

Europe Honeymoons

France, Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, and more

we also offer Bali, Maldives, and several other exotic locales. ask us for a full list



Why Choose Unforgettable Honeymoons



Our Guide to Planning, Finding & Booking your Dream Honeymoon

Need to plan your dream honeymoon but not sure where to start? (or when?)  We know that planning a wedding can be a stressful process, and couples don’t put nearly as much effort into finding an experienced honeymoon travel planner to help them with their honeymoon plans.  Many couples randomly choose a honeymoon package that sounds or looks good, or they take their friends advice who may not share their taste or personal travel style.  This common way of planning a honeymoon will often lead to disappointment-  There are too many honeymoon destinations to choose from, and for most couples this is their first major trip together, and they want it to be perfect.



Honeymoon nightmares CAN be avoided,  take the advice of Renee Duane Meyer,  owner founder of Unforgettable Honeymoons, who has planned thousands of honeymoon packages the last two decades.  "A honeymoon is an investment in a lifetime of memories" - and to protect that investment you’ll need to do a little homework first. 


Our top Honeymoon Planning tips and Honeymoon Package advice below:



Honeymoon planning tip #1-

Find An Expert Honeymoon Planner who is well traveled,  and experienced. 

You hire an accountant to do your taxes-  Why would it be any different for the most important trip of your life?   The honeymoon should be the same,  it’s a once in a lifetime trip, and you want to trust the experts for this one.

Here are five “must haves” for your  honeymoon travel resource-


1. CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL AGENCY THAT SPECIALIZES: Choose a  professional travel  agency that specializes in honeymoons,  or romantic travel ,and has been in the business at least 7 years or more,  has a retail physical street location in addition to a strong internet presence with verified reviews on major review sites (that are not just recent reviews, but a history of good reviews)   

 2.  MAKE SURE THEY ARE BBB RATED - important, the travel agency should be rated an A or better by the Better Business Bureau  (they will have a link on their web site directly to the BBB)  do not deal with an agency not rated by the BBB, and without the seal on their web site they are not rated.  ( many sites claim to be rated, but without the official “seal” and link to the BBB site they are not)

3. MEMBER OF IATAN Any reputable, established travel agency is a  member of Iatan ( www.iatan.org)  the only true licensing for travel agents in the USA-this organization requires agents to carry 1 million dollars in errors insurance.  You can go to iatan.org to do a search for the agency, it takes 2 minutes. 

4.  PERSONAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE TO THE TOP HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS -double check to see that the agent you are working (or someone in their agency)  has personally traveled to the honeymoon locations they are promoting –ask to see their photos.  If they have really been there then they would have their own photos and stories to share with you.  you will get a far better service from an agent who has been there, who can best prepare you for what to expect, and what to do when you arrive on your honeymoon. 

5.  AVAILABLE AFTER HOURS AND WEEKENDS.  Make sure the honeymoon travel agency has  a 24/7 after hours number and email to use after hours.  A truly great agency is there for their clients on weekends and evenings and will help you when you need it.  Many couples are worried about things going wrong on their honeymoon, and if you travel, you take risks, and unexpected snags can occur,  a good agent can handle and figure out any situation.



Honeymoon planning tip #2-


Set a honeymoon package budget- and prepare to be flexible.

Before you can plan for where to go, you need to plan for what you can afford to spend.  Many couples opt for an “all inclusive” resort which includes all your expenses ( meals/ drinks/ tips/ watersports)  With this option, an all inclusive honeymoon, your honeymoon  budget can be very specific,  and you will know upfront what you are going to spend on the entire honeymoon package. 

our suggestion for your honeymoon package budget: Have a low/ medium and high budget. ( for example,  we ideally can spend $3000 total for the entire honeymoon, but have the flexibility to go up to $4k if it is something that is beyond what we expect and a great value)  also, consider staying on your honeymoon for a shorter period of time if it means getting what you really want.

 For couples who opt for a honeymoon package that is non inclusive-,such as a Tahiti Honeymoon package,  Island hopping in Hawaii,  or an exotic Thailand, or trip to Europe- in this case, couples will need to trust their travel agent to advise them of what the estimated expenses will be and factor that into the budget. 


Honeymoon planning tip #3- 


Together, create your dream honeymoon package wish list and schedule a honeymoon planning night. Discuss where you’ve been before and what you liked and did not like about each location, then make a separate list  of top honeymoon destinations that you’ve both always wanted to visit,  and share them.  After you have shared your honeymoon destination dream list,  both bride and groom should make a list of 3 must haves. (separately)   These are 3 things that you feel that you’ll need to have on your honeymoon and do not want to settle for less.  also, talk about your personal travel style- what type of vacation do you most enjoy, would it be a honeymoon where you do a lot of exploring on your own, or part of a scheduled package that has pre set excursions.  Do you prefer to relax alone on a beach together and have private time, or enjoy meeting others and socializing?



Examples on your honeymoon dream wish list could be---

“a beachfront room”  “Jacuzzi tub on balcony”    “ swim with dolphins”  “swim up pool bar”    “ snorkeling off the beach”  “hiking to a waterfall”  “couples massage”      Discuss the must haves, do a little compromising, and always choose a place that you have not been before so you can experience the newness of a destination together.  Bring all these information you gathered to your travel agent-  any good, well traveled agent can take your information and present to you some good viable options.  If they don’t and just ask you where you want to go, then consider finding another agent.   


Honeymoon planning tip #4-


Do your research on the options you have narrowed down- Once 2 or 3 options have been presented, do your own research.  Check out reviews,  look at real photos online, and carefully peruse through each web site of the resorts you are considering.  Go with your gut feeling, its usually always right.  Meyer mentions that many couples first idea is usually the place they go,  they just need to come full circle and check out all other options to make sure there is nothing else out there that speaks to their heart like their first idea.


Honeymoon planning tip #5- 


Making your final decision:  Meyer suggests not to pull the trigger, until you feel absolutely confident and excited about your honeymoon package choice , and that in your heart you know this is the perfect place for your honeymoon.   Any hesitation is an indication that it might not be the perfect choice,  and not to ever feel pressured into making a decision prematurely because you’ve been told by your agent or someone else that you’ll lose out on a “deal” 

note:   Often times a package can be put on hold with a small deposit while you are thinking about it, and then changed if need be to another location shortly thereafter.






Do not be quick to judge a travel agency by their web site;  A great travel web site does not equal a great travel agency- warning:  There are many great looking, slick  “honeymoon package” web sites that come up high on searches that have appear to have professional web sites that look terrific, however,  once we looked further and deeper into these web sites we found that many of them do not have the credentials of a professional travel agency, lack membership in the BBB,  Iatan,  do not list a street address, or even disclose how long they are in business.  In addition,  they have copied and pasted details and information from reputable sites onto theirs, hoping to look like experts. 



good question- it all depends on your travel style, if you want to stay in the same spot and enjoy all your meals, entertainment, and cocktailing at the same location for the sake of freeing your mind of economic decisions, then YES, an all inclusive is a great choice.  An all inclusive honeymoon package is seamless, easy and worry free- you pay all upfront one price for mostly everything.  We suggest all inclusive honeymoon packages to couples who don't want to worry about what they will spend when they arrive at their honeymoon destination- the top all inclusive honeymoon packages we feel are located in Jamaica, Caribbean and Mexico.  Click to see a list of some of our All Inclusive honeymoon package specials




A few do’s and don’ts for honeymoon planning


#1- don’t always Rely on the advice of your friends

couples will rely on their friends to give them honeymoon location ideas and advice which can sometimes be very helpful and other times lead to disappointment because our friends don’t always have the same taste we do, or the same expectations for luxury or service.  Your friends may think the Doubletree hotel chain is luxury, while you feel Four Seasons is luxury,  if you want to take your friends advice you'll need to know their base of comparison as well.  A good well traveled agent has a very broad base of comparison compared to the general public.  


#2- Don't SKIMP!  Its your honeymoon, and its once in a lifetime

Once you find the right package don’t skimp by booking with cheap online booking engine that only cares about your credit card number and will never speak to you!

Many couples search around for the “cheapest” deal for the honeymoon package they finally have decided on, perhaps a package that an agent helped them put together.

Its great to find a good deal, and we love to find a bargain- but remember, this is your honeymoon- and you probably didn’t buy your wedding dress in a bargain basement sale or hire a photographer from Sears or JC penny.    The honeymoon is just as important as all the other elements of your wedding and quality is key.  What couples do not realize is that the cheapest option is usually provides the least amount of personal service before,  during,  and if needed after the travel is completed.   



The service you receive before your honeymoon by an experienced honeymoon planner will have everything to do with your honeymoon experience-  it’s the tips and invaluable advice,  and information you get before hand that make a tremendous difference.  Also, if anything does go wrong on your honeymoon,  do you want to be calling some online booking site boiler room in India, or your travel agent back in the US who knows you and will be available to help you best?    These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you choose WHO is going to handle your once in a lifetime honeymoon travel arrangements. 



the DIFFERENCE between Unforgettable Honeymoons and Online booking engines:  

Unforgettable Honeymoons®- We are not an online booking engine, we are a personalized honeymoon planning travel agency

 You cannot push a button and book a honeymoon  package online with our company.  You are booking with an actual person who not only cares about your honeymoon, but has taken the time to help you pin-point your best honeymoon destination options without charging you an upfront fee. We offer free professional advice that is solid and based on years of travel experience and personal travel knowledge. Our advice has been featured on CNNMoney.com, Newsweek, Travelchannel.com , Islands Magazine. 


When you book online with an online booking engine  you are actually just booking your travel with a "machine " (computer) . We all know that a computer has no interest in assisting you choice the best resort for your honeymoon, the only function is has to inter act with you is to provide a price and take your credit card number. This booking vehicle will allow you to choose a resort or destination that may not ever meet your expectations because it does not help you choose. 

Unforgettable Honeymoons®- WE TALK TO YOU ! Our average honeymoon couple speaks with their same agent and communicates by emails with their personal agent at least 10-15 times before traveling in regards to their upcoming honeymoon. You may not think you'll need assistance but its your honeymoon and you'll have a lot of little things that come up that you'll need our help with. We are here to help you make sure that you have the best honeymoon experience you possibly can.

ONLINE BOOKING ENGINES- NO TRAVEL ADVICE  NO PERSONAL SERVICE  Online booking engines usually don't have experienced  individual agents to speak to about your honeymoon choice giving advise about the actual resort based on personal travel !!  they give mostly technical support regarding your credit card payment or confirmation. Imagine all of the questions and concerns that will never be addressed. We know how many you'll have- we have been planning honeymoons for 13 years. We have never had a couple book with us and never call or email again. (not once!)

Unforgettable Honeymoons®- WE OFFER 24/7 AFTER HOURS HELP While you are on your honeymoon you need assistance. You can email us 24/7 and we will email you back personally to assist you and call you if need be. If you call us from your trip and give us the room number you are in we will call you back from our office to assist saving you long distance charges. (must call our main office or after hours number)

ONLINE BOOKING ENGINES- YOU CANNOT EMAIL THEM FROM YOUR HONEYMOON You cannot email an online booking engine from out of the country, and if you call them they will NOT call you back ? you need to call their local number (no toll free from outside the US) and you may sit on hold for a long time costing you up to $10 a minute at some hotels. They charge a change fee above and beyond the airlines so if you need to change your ticket for your return flight you'll need to not only pay the airline change fee but another fee to them just for handling it for you. This on top of the long distance charges. We recently had a client pay $250.00 out of pocket for a phone call from their honeymoon to Expedia. They were on hold for 45 minutes and then it took 30 minutes to make the flight change. This was a client who booked the hotel with Unforgettable Honeymoons but then chose to book their air tickets with expedia to save $15. (in the end , it was not worth it ) 

Unforgettable Honeymoons®- SMALL DEPOSIT, PAY THE REST LATER  When you book w/us- if you book well in advance you'll only need to make an initial deposit on your honeymoon.  30-45 days before you depart you'll pay your final payment.  This gives you the flexibility to make changes if need be without locking yourself into a particular package (in most cases we can change your package up until final payment for a small change fee)   

ONLINE BOOKING ENGINESPay everything in full, upfront.  no flexibility.  Change fees are on top of what resorts and airlines charge.    You will be charged for every change you make.  *note : if you book a last minute trip you will need to pay at time of booking.



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