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Our Honeymoon Couples offer their feedback and reviews

Our clients have a higher satisfaction level than most agencies because at Unforgettable Honeymoons we have eliminated the resorts and hotels that we do not feel will meet or exceed our expectations. Twenty (20) years of experience has led us to offer only a select number of hotels and resorts for honeymoons! Trust the Unforgettable Honeymoons real client reviews, these are clients who traveled and experienced our great service and highly recommended resorts.

Crusoes Retreat : FIJI

Bula Aaron- Unforgettable Honeymoons
Fiji.... That place is beautiful! Crusoe's retreat has the friendliest staff I have ever encountered, and everything we did was a blast. The resort was different than what we expected, but it was a hoot. The way it is structured is sort of like being at camp. There are activities planned throughout the day, and they beat the drum to signal the start of each event. The snorkeling is incredible, and it is cool to be so close to a native village. We actually went into Pacific Harbor one day and toured the Arts Village.

The white water rafting trip was a blast too. It rained on us, but it really didn't matter. What a beautiful route! The guides were tons of fun, and we got to goof off the entire trip. If anyone ever asks about it, I would highly recommend it!

We don't have our pictures developed/downloaded from the digital camera yet (we took some disposables as well as digital), but as soon as we do, I'll make sure and e-mail some to you. I think we got some good ones.

Thanks again for all you help planning. I never could have pulled that off by myself! Thanks too for checking in. I have been meaning to check in with you, but life is a little crazy with catching up at work still.

Hey, if you are ever up in the Seattle area, let me know so we can take you out for a beer and show you the town.

Take care!

~ James Upchurch — Seattle, WA

Little Dix Bay BVI

Words cannot describe how amazing our honeymoon was in the British Virgin Islands... we would have never gone to this paradise without the help of Unforgettable Honeymoons. Your staff are the most knowledgable I have found anywhere and we will always book our future trips with the friendly, and extremely well traveled agents at Unforgettable Honeymoons.
By the way: Little Dix Bay was truly paradise... more than we expected.
the beach is simply stunning. The spa was elegant and romantic. We loved the private beach drop offs. thank you Unforgettable Honeymoons !

~ Alan & Georgina Browning — London, England

Qamea Resort & Spa : FIJI

Hi Renee and the staff at Unforgettable Honeymoons,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how our honeymoon was. First let me say we had a fabulous time. Off to qamea we went. Once we saw the Land Rover When we arrived at Qamea, we were flabber gasted. The resort is beautiful and the bure was immaculate! was . We spent our time sun bathing, snorkelling, we did a private picnic and some other things. All in all, a very relaxing time. We were so impressed with the friendlness of all the locals but especially the staff at Qamea. They are more than accomodating to whatever you want and don't make you feel guilty at all for special requests. The grounds are beautiful We were able to meet both Ron and Bryce and had nice conversations with the two of them.They obviously knew you well and I feel treated us well because we booked with you. In fact, we weretold that they offer discounts to return guests and when we book through you to let you know so they can pass along the discount. :)

I think that my favorite part of the trip (aside from time alone with my honey) was the Meke at Qamea. That was wonderful! I really enjoyed that! We also both enjoyed the happy hours. A few nights, the resort was full but I have to say that we didn't notice it until dinner time. There certainly is enough room for 25 or so people to move around and not feel crowded by the
person next to them.

Well, this is a great place to be alone. I was quite impressed with the quality of their equipment for all activities! Overall, we had no complaints about Qamea. Our stay there was just perfect.

Thank you for your help

~ Shelley and Josh Combs — Portland, OR

Biras Creek- British Virgin Islands

Hello Meri Jo @ Unforgettable Honeymoons...
Well everything went perfect!! Absolutely nothing surprising at all at the wedding and reception which is really weird. We were expecting problems like every wedding has but for some reason nothing funny ever happened. I guess that's a good thing though. The honeymoon was unreal. They treated us like royalty and had people waiting for us at the airport, the dock to leave for the island, at the resort when we arrived at the dock...everywhere. They all knew us by name even though we never even introduced ourselves to anyone. They were very on top of things. This is a resort for total relaxation. There is no TV's in the rooms so that took adjusting. There was a tv that was always available (High def flat screen) in the main area where you could watch anything you wanted. We were literally on the beach. You walk out of our place and the waves were crashing 10 feet away. It was beautiful. Since there is no roads and you have to take a boat to get to anything, there were no people but guests there and the resort was huge which made it a chore to even find another guest. We had maybe 30 people on the entire resort while we were there. Every now and then another couple would be at the pool at the same time. That's about it. The pool was on the beach so when you looked over the edge, you saw ocean. Of course San Juan had to lose my luggage so I didn't have any clothes the first 24 hrs and they lost it on the way back as well so it won't be here until tonight. What are you gonna do, can't have everything perfect. Recommend this place definately in the future to honeymooners! Make sure they bring a couple pairs of slacks and polos because you have to wear them to dinner. It was very classy! Thank you very much for making this so memorable!

~ Roger James — Clearwater, FL

Windjammer Landing - St Lucia

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Windjammer possible. It was the most perfect place we could have gone to. I have been to several places in the carribean, but this place far exceeded my hopes. The villas were spacious and clean, beautifully furnished and all have delicious views. The service was impeccable and the food was scrumpcious. The resort sits on a mountian side and everywhere you look are spactacular views. Everything is state of the art yet there is such a relaxed attitude. The staff tell me that 70% of their customers are return visitors and that many people buy the time share option. I plan to do so. I cannot imagin that anyone who goes there would be dissapointed in any way. The excursions were well planned and there were planty of activities for all walks of life. I was suprised at the number of families that were there. There is apparently an extensive kids program and even a babysitting service that was highly recommended. The all inclusive package isdefinately the way to go as it includes not only all food and drinks, (top shelf, bye the way) but also water sports such as jet ski's, sailboats, kiaks, snorleling equip and tubing. Even the beach had a HUGE water trampoline for anyone to play on. I have to say I, myself had a bounce or two.(HeHe). The wedding was PERFECT. Glennifer was great, professional, accomodating, warm and gracious. From the flowers to the ceremony, all was simple, no stress and even the photographer was wonderful. ALL shots were keepers and our package included 24 pictures and 5$ for any extra you may want. Well, we picked 6 extra for $30 and he ended up just giving tham all to us with the negatives. So my BEAUTIFUL wedding photos cost $30!!! In other words, HIGHLY recomended place for older, younger and families. Thank you again.

~ Elizabeth Wells Conlon — USA

Dreams Puerto Vallarta

I have to say that the package you set up for me at the Dreams in Puerto Vallarata was the best vacation I ever had. Everyone we talked to there even told us it was the second best place to stay on the coast but had the best private beach.The only problem we had was arriving at the airport there and looking for the people from olympus tours only to have "friendly people" try to act like they were helping only to get caught up in the "time share game". We went on 3 excursions , jeep adventure, rhythym of the night and the pirate dinner cruise. The first 2 I strongly recommend but the pirate cruise I and my wife feel that it was not that great. Job well done!!! Our next plan is for a cruise from SanDiego to Hawaii next year about the same time. If this is something you can work on send me an e-mail.

Thank-you for your hard work.

~ David Allison — San Diego, CA

Couples Ocho Rio

We want to thank you so much for all your assistance with our honeymoon. Abby and I jsut returned home a little while ago. Our trip was awesome!! From the time we arrived at the Couples Lounge at Sangster we were treated wonderfully. We expected good service, however... the service was so much better. I have done my share of traveling, and I can say without a doubt that Couples Ocho Rios was the best place I have ever stayed. The weather was wonderful all week. It rained briefly this morning prior to our departure, but that was it. The entertainment staff at the resort kept the place hopping. From the daily activities, to the nightlife the experience was always fun. I actually won a beach dance contest, and Abby won a Mothers Day contest. We made friends with another couple and have plans to get together with them sometime soon back here in the U.S.

Now on to you... you are AMAZING!!! It seems like yesterday that I began to search the Internet for Honeymoon solutions. Then I found Unforgettable Honeymoons, and ultimately found you. From my first contact with you to the final details, you were very knowledgeable, and helpful. You were worked out everything, and seemed like you cared. Not like other experiences that I have had with some travel agents. They always said they cared, but when problems occurred, they were a pain to get a hold of. You gave me every possible way to reach you, even your home phone number. That is true customer service. You should be very proud of yourself. Thanks Once again.

I will be in touch with you sometime in the not so distant future. Abby and I are already talking about returning to Couples Ocho Rios sometime next year, and taking our friends with us. So...if you do more than just Honeymoons, I would love deal with you again. Basically we will need to see what we will need to save up.

~ Keith Rankin

Couples Resort Jamaica

Ralph and I had a fabulous time in Jamaica. You were right about couples swept away, we loved it. It was so beautiful and romantic. We went horseback riding and to mayfield falls and all of that was well worth it. I am so glad that I let you talk me into couples vs sandals. We are already thinking about going back sometime soon. My brother is getting married next year so we are trying to talk him into getting married there. It seems so much less stressful and still very beautiful. Thanks again for everything Meri Jo. Everything went smoothly.

~ Amy and Ralph Gachette

Qamea Resort & Spa : FIJI

I don't know where to begin with how amazing our experience was at Qamea. Everyone there was so accommodating to everything we needed and the trips were amazing. The snorkeling/diving was also amazing. My favorite was the one to the Ringold Islands with another couple and Ron came along. There we received a royal pampering with massages, a barbecue, a small boat ride around the island in which we saw fruit bats, seas of dolphins, snorkeling with large turtles, sharks, and a kava presentation and village trip in the beginning to the chief of the islands. I couldn't have asked for more in my day. Please thank everyone again for the amazing visit to Fiji and we definitely will return in the future.

~ Ralph Failla — New York, NY

Qamea Resort & Spa : FIJI

Hi Renee,
I wanted to write and thank you for recommending Qamea Resort to my husband Dan and I . We had the most incredible honeymoon and vacation during our stay June 1-8, we didn't want to leave and we're already talking of future visits. We had already been to many carribbean and mexico resorts as well as Aruba and on a western carribbean cruise. Qamea was exactly what we were hoping to find for our honeymoon. We wanted a relaxing, secluded resort that was unspoiled by tourism and population which is becoming so rare these days. I have never been to a resort where the staff was so friendly and treated us as if we were close friends or family!!! It was so refreshing to be surrounded by such lovely people and away from our stressfull, everyday lives. I loved that there was no TV, no radio, no phones, no clocks, no timelines to follow!!!!!!!

I also wanted to thank Ron and Bryce as well for creating and maintaining such a lovely resort and having us as guests. They have obviously put much time, thought, and work into making it Qamea.

Thanks again for the "Unforgettable Honeymoon"!!!!!

~ Carol and Dan Kensinger

Caneel Bay & Little Dix Bay - Virgin Islands

We just got back from our honeymoon at Canel Bay and Little Dix Bay and wanted to THANK YOU for selecting such an amazing trip! We could have never imagined such beautiful beaches and great food! We had the time of our lives. We hope to plan another trip next year for our anniversary. Thanks again for everything! It was a pleasure working with your team!

~ Richard and Susan — Los Angeles

Couples Swept Away

UNBELIEVABLE! Okay? It was unbelievable! Swept Away is without a doubt the absolute nicest, classiest, most well run resort in the Negril area. We were able to see almost all of the other resorts and NOTHING comes close to what we had at Swept Away. Our room was beyond anything we could have hoped for: right on the beach, beautiful view, huge deck, close to the restaurant. Amazing. We went on two dives, did some parasailing, won a free horseback ride, and probably spent 6 hours a day doing and thinking about nothing. Thank you so very much for your help in planning. This was a vacation we'll remember forever. Thank you, Sincerely,

~ Jake and Brooke Deister — Chicago

Namale Resort & Spa : FIJI

Bula Bula Renee -
I wanted to write to you to tell you how grateful Michele and I are. First your service in helping me choose the honeymoon that was right for us was second to no one else - which is why we chose you. The entire trip was perfectly orchestrated and could not have gone smoother. You made me look real good to my new bride! We are physically back in LA, but I beleive we will always mentally have Fiji somewhere on our thoughts. We will recommend your services to friends and family without hesitation.

~ Chad and Michele — Los Angeles, CA

FIJI - Tokoriki

Unforgettable Honeymoons.... Thank you...
Our Honeymoon vacation... everything, and I mean everything, was perfect. All of the arrangements and accommodations that were handled by Unforgettable Honeymoons were flawless. From the Sough Pacific flight arrangements to the transportation on the main island and the flight with Turtle Airways, everything was perfect. I applaud and thank you for your knowledge, expertise and assistance with selecting the perfect island for our Honeymoon vacation. As in any vacation, we met some folks that we got to know that were also on the Honeymoons. Not a single couple, besides ourselves, could claim to have flawless arrangements and accommodations. One couple did not have their transfer coupons from their first stay to the Heliport, we had all of our documentation. Another couple waited 4 hours for their transportation one they arrived at the heliport, our transportation was waiting for us. The list goes on. Thank you again,

~ Glenn and Crissy Scholze — Maryland

Couples Jamaica

Dear Renee and Unforgettable Honeymoons,
I just want to say how grateful I am that I had you book my honeymoon for me. What made me choose your company was the customer service that you demonstrated when I was receiving quotes from travel companies. You delivered on what you promised and I appreciate your help and commitment to your customers. I highly recommend your company to my friends. Your advice was extremely valuable to me and saved me hundreds of dollars. It's tough to know what to do when planning a vacation in the Caribbean, especially when it's a honeymoon and you want it to be perfect, but one can relax and trust Unforgettable Honeymoons to take care of everything. Thanks for your help and for putting such value on your customers.

~ Mark Damron — Dallas, TX

Honeymoon DVD

Your Honeymoon DVD is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!
For weeks my fiance and I were looking through brochures, books and searching the internet for places to have our destination wedding. After debating between too many locations, we ordered Renee Duane's Unforgettable Honeymoons DVD. Once we watched the DVD, we knew immediately what kind of experience we wanted for our wedding. Being able to actually see the locations, their resorts, and to hear first hand from the staff and vacationers provided information we couldn't have found elsewhere. I would definitely recommend the DVD to anyone planning a trip to Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji, or the Caribbean.

~ Angela Alves — Sacramento, CA

Qamea Resort & Spa : FIJI

Just wanted to let you know that we agree 100%...Qamea is paradise...the exact paradise that we dreamed of for our honeymoon. Everything is exactly how you described and more amazing than we could have imagined! We had some interesting reactions to our Pennsylvania wine and I'm sure we'll get some more with the Maryland wines! We're still waiting on our luggage, but not worried about it at all...everything is perfect! We'll send you another message soon...thanks for everything!
BY THE WAY.... thank you for arranging for our free upgrade to the premium bure with pool. Ron the owner of Qamea let us know about 3 days into our 14 day honeymoon that we would be staying in the premium bure thanks to Unforgettable Honeymoons. This was unexpected.

~ Susan and Jason — Gettsyburg, PA

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