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HONEYMOON GIFT REGISTRY:  Simple and Easy and free*

Friends and Family can now contribute directly towards your honeymoon with our simple , uncomplicated registry service.  Call us for more info at (888) 343-6413 for details.


Reserve your honeymoon through Unforgettable Honeymoons and you'll be automatically enrolled in our Honeymoon Gift Registry service.  Advise your friends and family to come to the Unforgettable Honeymoons web site and click the "honeymoon registry" link on the home page . (there are 2 links- one in the "why choose us" box in the middle of the home page and another link at the bottom near the "home" page link. 

Your friends and family can visit our registry page here to find out how they can contribute to your honeymoon either by check or credit card.  If gifts are made by check there will be absolutely no fee and we recommend that they contribute by check (they can mail a card as well with the gift)    When paying by credit card there is a small merchant/ admin fee (to cover the cost of using the credit card)   We will notify the Bride and Groom of  ALL gifts received at the time of final payment for the honeymoon.  (which is usually 30-45 days before travel)   


We can apply what is paid directly towards your honeymoon for payments made before the due date of the final payment of the trip OR we can send the bride and groom a check for the amounts received before the honeymoon. (often payments come in up until the wedding day, and often after the wedding as well)   Payments made after the final payment due date will be distributed directly to the bride and groom by check and mailed either before the honeymoon or afterwards.  Additional checks that need to be dispursed after the honeymoon is completed - or after the final draw will be subject to an administration fee of $15.00.    Unforgettable Honeymoons reserves the right to choose how payments are distributed, whether they are applied towards the balance, or refunded by check back to the bride and groom before the honeymoon. 

NOTE:  The bride and groom  take full responsibility for any credit card disputes or charge backs from guests, and agree to refund any monies that have been gifted that have been disputed or charged back by the guest. 



Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Gift Registry - by Unforgettable Honeymoons

We have two different options for Honeymoon Registry.  Wo offer a very comprehensive Honeymoon Registry "Gifts for your Honeymoon",  or you can choose a simple gift card registry which does not include a wedding web page or a breakdown of gifts you request.  Please choose one or the other and let us know which registry you have chosen. 

GIFTS FOR YOUR HONEYMOON SERVICE:  check out our NEW Honeymoon Registry web site:  www.giftsforyourhoneymoon.com  This is our latest new honeymoon registry program that will be a full service registry program, where you can get your own wedding web page and break down your honeymoon into separate segments so that your guests can choose a gift!

OR-choose our simple gift card registry program on this web page.  Wedding guests purchase gift cards that couples can use towards their honeymoon.  no wedding web page will be created.  there is a 5% fee charged to the guests.  (for credit card purchase)  free for checks.

YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY SIGNED UP FOR THE SIMPLE GIFT CARD HONEYMOON REGISTRY WHEN YOU BOOK WITH US: Just book your honeymoon through Unforgettable Honeymoons and you'll be automatically enrolled in our gift registry program.  Just tell your friends and family to come to our web site and they can purchase gifts by credit card or check.  There is no fee.  You must book  Unforgettable Honeymoons to participate. 


The Bride and Groom are notified by Unforgettable Honeymoons of all registry gifts at time of final payment.   They can then designate how the funds will be distributed whether they will go towards air tickets, spa packages, upgrades, or spending money. 

Gifts by Check- FREE!  THERE IS NO FEE:    Simple- send a check or money order to Unforgettable Honeymoons, write the name of the couple or just the bride or grooms name in the "notes" line to the left of the signature line.  Enclose any card or note for them as well.  There is no fee for this service. Mail your check to:  Unforgettable Honeymoons: 2128 se 11th avenue, Portland Oregon 97214. 

Gifts by Credit Card-Small admin Fee:   Simply enter the Bride or Grooms names in the space provided on this page and choose a dollar amount.  Your  credit card will be charged through Paypal, a secure web server that processes our credit card payments.  You don't need to be a member, just follow the instructions its simple and easy and takes less than 5 minutes.  Your card will be charged a small fee (merchant service and admin fee) of approximately 5%.    You will get a receipt directly from PayPal for your order.

NOTE: For orders online over $500.00 we will require a signed credit authorization form that can be faxed or mailed to us.  We will contact you for this information after you have made your purchase.


Couple's Name(s):
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Dollar Gift Amount:

Payment is processed through PayPal's secure payment processing. You can give a gift either through your PayPal account, if you have one, else from a debit or credit card. For gifts via check, please call or email Unforgettable Honeymoons.

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