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FIJI HONEYMOONS -Fiji All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

Our uniquely designed luxury Fiji honeymoons are designed with romance, adventure and affordability in mind- Fiji island honeymoons are carefree when you plan with the experts at Unforgettable Honeymoons who have been traveling to the Fiji islands since 1994.


THE ADVANTAGE: WE'VE BEEN TRAVELING TO FIJI SINCE 1994- our travel knowledge and experience is what you need to make the best choice for your Fiji honeymoon- just because a web site looks great does not mean its going to be what it appears, we are here to offer honest good advice and the best rates in the industry for Fiji. call us (888) 343 6413 to start planning

OUR RELATIONSHIPS- WE OFFER EXCLUSIVE PRICING AND PERKS - we have been sending couples to Fiji since 1994 and the resorts and islands know our name, and know we take personal care of each and every client, therefore, they too look after our honeymoon clients


QAMEA ISLAND RESORT FIJI- one of our top Fiji hideaways, this small intimate hideaway offers a slice of Heaven in Fiji, only 17 couples permitted to stay at one time on this magical island paradise.

NANUYA ISLAND - an amazing little hideaway out in the Yasawa island group, this charming, small hideaway is an affordable Fiji honeymoon idea ,it can be combined with other Fiji islands as well for a great combo trip

MATAMANOA ISLAND RESORT- Stunning white sandy beaches, romantic cottages dotted along a paradise that you'll never forget.  located in the Mamanuca island group, we adore this small charming hideaway


Fiji Honeymoon Packages-Budget to Luxury, Fiji Island Hopping Honeymoons, and Luxury Private Islands in Fiji are our specialty at Unforgettable Honeymoons.  We have been to Fiji many times and have personally checked out the resorts in Fiji so that we can recommend the best Fiji island resorts to our honeymoon clients. We suggest to any honeymoon couple to speak to an expert who has been to Fiji first before choosing the perfect Fiji honeymoon package. 

GET MARRIED IN FIJI- It is legal and easy to set up, we can handle all the details

Owner Renee Meyer was married in Fiji, and would be glad to help you arrange your Fiji wedding at any number of Fiji islands.  call toll free (888) 343 6413

 Fiji Island Hopping Honeymoons-  we can customize a Fiji island hopping honeymoon so you can hop to several different islands in Fiji for your honeymoon.

  Fiji , Australia and New Zealand Honeymoons- Hop to Sydney, or Queenstown, you can easily fly from Fiji to Sydney or even Hawaii,  ask us for details.

See Fiji Honeymoons on DVD, Review Footage of  Fiji Weddings and Fiji Island Resorts:  our Specialty- Recommended by NEWSWEEK, Fiji Honeymoons and Fiji weddings are easy to plan with the Fiji experts at Unforgettable Honeymoons®  (read article)

#1- Our Fiji Honeymoon Packages are all priced below Retail.    We take off the extra padding and fees that most wholesalers will add on top of the package.  Our fiji honeymoons are priced exactly they way they should be with the taxes not inflated.  The result- a rock bottom FIJI Honeymoon and Fiji Travel Package price that you'll find to be below our competitors.  One example is our Qamea Resort and Spa Package,  not only will you get a great price on this package, you'll get a lot of extra added benefits by booking with Unforgettable Honeymoons. 

#2 Our Fiji Honeymoons are backed by our "Super Informative" Service:  Most travel agents just take your credit card and then send you documents.  On average we talk to our clients 10-20 times before they leave, providing them with a service above and beyond normal for their fiji honeymoon package.  Clients receive extensive Fiji honeymoons tips ,  Fiji honeymoons packing lists,  Fiji Honeymoon DVD,  lesson,  and much more. 

#3 Our Fiji Honeymoons are featured on our DVD- "The Honeymoon DVD" -featuring 9 Fiji honeymoons:    Clients are amazed at what we have put on film for them.  No more guessing games.  You want to protect your investment - your Fiji honeymoon will be a lifetime of memories,  make sure you choose correctly"    the DVD insures you that you made the right choice.  Stop depending on air brushed photo's and trip advisor postings (which are not reputable in our opinion)    Watch the real footage of the resort,  talk to the real people and then make an educated choice based on real facts and footage.  Your Fiji honeymoon is too important to take chances.  The DVD features many of the best Fiji luxury resorts,  Fiji islands,  Fiji private island resorts,  and Fiji hideaways.  Fiji honeymoons are our specialty,  trust your dreams with the Fiji honeymoon experts.  Fiji Honeymoons, Fiji Weddings our specialty.




our recent honeymooners comment.....


"YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO DO YOUR HONEYMOON RIGHT...  Unforgettable Honeymoons listened carefully to everything we wanted for our trip and picked the perfect resort...and kept us in our budget. Every detail was mapped out so we could spend our time planning our wedding and enjoying our reception, not worrying about all the details of our travel plans"

Jonathan and Jessica Stanley





Fiji Weddings:   We can plan the wedding of your dreams in Fiji

We have been featured in Newsweek magazine in regards to our expertise in planning a wedding in Fiji.  Renee Meyer's wedding in Fiji (owner and founder of Unforgettable Honeymoons)  was featured in Islands Magazine .    We know all the details and will be your best Fiji wedding resource because of our experience and connections with the Fiji islands.   When you ask us to plan your wedding you will take all the stress and worry out of the planning ... we do it all for you and offer great group discounts for your family and friends. 


Fiji : Honeymoon & Wedding Paradise:  the best value for the US dollar unspoiled paradise that you'll never forget- The best value in the South Pacific The US dollar is worth 1.68  Fiji dollars, making it an  incredible value for Americans. Fijians  speak english and there is no tipping.... The Fijians are some of the most friendliest people in the South Pacific. You'll make friends for life!  Some think Fiji is spelled  "Figi" ... it sounds like Figi,  but it is spelled "Fiji"



Fly  non stop on 747's from Los Angeles to Fiji in 9.5 hours.board plane at 10pm , arrive at 5:10am in paradise depart Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday night.  Return at 11pm and arrive in LAX same day, 10 hours earlier at 1:30pm..  You get full days in Fiji .. no wasting time in airports or on airplanes.  we recommend  "Air Pacific"  Fiji's national airline.

Resorts in Fiji are the Most Romantic Resorts in the World... perfect for Honeymoons

No other destination offers so many secluded Fiji hideaways on private islands!Created for Romance!  You'll stay in your own private bure right on thebeach! Fiji is dotted with over 330 islands , each one with its own beautiful beaches, mountains and/or waterfalls. Enjoy hikes through rain forests, bathe in pools below waterfalls, take a river rafting t ip, or take a whirl down a natural water-slide in the jungle!

Private Island Picnics in Fiji :  One of the unique romantic activites in Fiji
Fiji...The most romantic place to spend your honeymoon... Private Island Picnics- spend an afternoon on your own secluded honeymoon beach, with no interupptions. Private dinners on the beach- dine together under brilliant stars!  No other destination offers complimentary picnics or private dinners on the beach for no charge.  This you will always remember.

Fiji has some of the most beautiful white powder sand beaches and incredible scuba diving

Beaches, the ocean and under-sea life :Incredible stretches of white sandy beaches.. and the ocean water iswarm year round. The snorkelling and scuba diving is some of the best in the world. (see awesome giant clams!)  Fiji is the soft coral capitol of the world.  The colors are brilliant.. the under sea viewing unsurpassed.  Some of the best diving is in the Northern area of Fiji near Qamea Island resort & Spa and Namale Resort & Spa as well as Yasawa Island Resort

Fiji is safe, and there is no crime against tourists!

You will not need to worry about anything... but you may not want to leave!

Custom Island hopping Fiji honeymoons by Unforgettable Honeymoons®

Unforgettable Honeymoons can customize a very unique and special island hopping package for your honeymoon or destintion wedding in Fiji.  We can combine 2 or 3 islands plus a rivers fiji rafting trip. 


SEE Quamea resort,  Namale, Yasawa, Nukumbati, Castaway island Tokoriki, Vatulele... all of them are featured on our honeymoon dvd so that you can make sure that your honeymoon investment is safe and sound.  Don't book your Fiji honeymoon until you've checked out our dvd.

10 Reasons why to visit Fiji by Renee Duane-Meyer:

  1. Unspoiled: Hawaii 100 years ago... discover  powder white sand beaches, no high rise hotels, no tourist traps, just intimate bungalow (bure) style resorts that offer honeymooners their own hideaway in paradise!

  2. The Ocean...The ocean water is crystal clear, lukewarm and perfect for snorkeling, diving and swimming.

  3. Safe... crime is just about non existent against tourists, no radical groups in FIJI , no corruption, trustworthy people, no solicitors approach you on the beaches or streets.

  4. Friendly people...they speak English and love tourists! They love to serve you with a smile and a song. You'll go back to FIJI for the people.. you'll make life long friends!

  5. , drink, souvenirs are less expensive and higher quality than Mexico..$1US dollar = $2.2 FIJI dollars (avg Meal plan $22-45per person, per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!).

  6. Easy to get to....10 hours night flight, non stop to Fiji from Los Angeles depart LAX at 11pm, arrive FIJI 5am...return leave FIJI 10pm arrive LAX 1pm on the same day!!

  7. Safe flight...planes are 747/767 Jets.

  8. Variety...There are a million things to do!!! Hiking, Fishing, Snorkeling, horseback riding, shopping, sailing, cultural events, music, island hopping...

  9. Famous...they filmed "Castaway" with Tom Hanks in Fiji..and "The Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields!!!

  10. 300 islands...and many, many, awesome resorts to choose from. Trust an expert who knows the islands to assist you in making the right choice!!!

    ten reasons - copyright 1997  Unforgettable Honeymoons®

 We are member of the Fiji Visitors Bureau Matai Program.  We are the Fiji experts !  We have been to Fiji and will offer you the best advice.


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Are you really serious about honeymoon planning? Don't book until you See the actual footage on DVD  Journey to 29 resorts & Hideaways
without leaving your house. Exclusively through Unforgettable Honeymoons:

Our Top Recommended Fiji Honeymoon Resorts:

Qamea - (Quamea) Island Resort Fiji 

Yasawa Island Resort Fiji

Royal Davui

Namale Resort and Spa Fiji

Blue Lagoon Cruise Fiji

Castaway Island Resort

Fiji honeymoon packages

We are a Full Service "Iatan"
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-All Travel Arrangements
(air, hotel,cruise,all inclusives)
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We do specialize in helping you pin point the best resorts, and the reason we can do this so well, and better than most, is because our expert agents who work by email + phone to help you have personally traveled to most of the destinations and resorts on our web site, and can share invaluable firsthand knowledge and information which you need to make sure you have made the right decision!  We also have 24/7 after hours care, and fabulous personal relationships with the owners and managers of most of the resorts on our web site, which greatly benefits our clients.  Our rates are always lower than booking direct, so you save time and money when you trust the experts with your dream honeymoon plans!  CALL US TO START (888) 343 -6413





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We've been there and know Fiji better than anyone- Fiji weddings and Fiji honeymoons are stress free when you plan with an expert. We have planned 100s of Fiji weddings and Fiji honeymoons since 1994. Our experts can help you chose the perfect location. Our Honeymoon DVD also features 9 Fiji islands and fiji resorts with clips from guests weddings. Getting married in Fiji is very easy. No blood tests, not a long wait and our resort partners all have Fiji wedding coordinators to assist you. Trust the experts to plan your dream wedding in Fiji or your Fiji honeymoon,  call us toll free at (888)343-6413 ask to speak to a Fiji Honeymoon / wedding expert who has been there !

Fiji is the ultimate South Pacific destination for romance, adventure, culture and privacy,

however, is often a second choice after Tahiti for most honeymoon couples!  what many couples don't realize is that Fiji is the true unspoiled South Pacific, not ruined by tourism, Fiji offers  an authentic rich cultural experience, a National Geographic experience that Tahiti and Bora Bora do not. 

            click here to read about our Fiji Weddings in Newsweek Magazine


Overseas visitors intending to get married in Fiji are required by law to obtain and sign a marriage license from the nearest marriage registry. (the resorts we work with will transport you to the registry and back making it simple and easy!)

The couple must provide the following personal documents to the Registrar for verification purposes at least two weeks before the wedding:

-Original birth certificates for the bride and groom
-Valid passport
-If applicable, divorce papers
-If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate
-Certificate of Single Status or Certificate of No Legal Impediment must be
produced if:
-Marriage between a Fiji citizen and a foreign citizen
-Marriage by former citizens of Fiji
for some other countries.


Fiji weddings are 100% Pressure free
Fiji provides an idyllic escape from the pressure of organizing the wedding at home. Most resorts have a selection of wedding packages from which to choose from budget to extravagant.

Have an entire resort to yourself
In Fiji, wedding parties are often able to take over an entire resort for total privacy or just the two of you on a picnic on your own island

Accessibility- Fiji is easy to get to from LAX
10 hours non stop flight
As Fiji is the hub of the South Pacific and the most popular holiday destination; many reasonable travel packages are available throughout the world.

Fiji wedding Group travel discounts
Wedding parties frequently qualify for group travel discounts with our resorts and airlines. ask us!

Fiji offers a choice of beautiful Islands to choose from
Fiji?s wide choice ranges from sandbanks to tropical rainforest, barefoot to ballroom, glass sided chapels to traditional churches on any of our 333 islands.


The culture in Fiji is authentic
An authentic culture with natural hospitality seeped in fascinating tradition, Fiji is a land of song
and dance. you'll never forget the people of Fiji

Fiji: Unspoiled by tourism
The stunning setting comes without health worries: no dangerous animals, insects and diseases such a malaria.
Plus no crime in Fiji against tourists.

The weather in Fiji
Fiji enjoys a pleasant, tropical two-season climate. Summer temperature averages from 22 to 33 degrees Celsius and winter averages from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Fiji has lots of activities
A wide range of activities is available from skydiving to golf, white water rafting to trekking, pampering in one of our many spas to simply relaxing on the beach.

Authentic Fijian style
Fijian warriors, costumed attendants and decorated traditional rafts are available to make the occasion unique. Handcrafted bark cloth with stunning garlands of fi bre and tropical fl owers are among the many options.

Value for money is in Fiji
There is a variety of Fiji luxury all-inclusive packages with extras to suit your budget. ask us !

Friendly English speaking people !!
Fiji's genuine friendliness and hospitality is world-renowned.

weddings in Fiji are stress free
Resorts offer the services of a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including all legal requirements in advance and there is a great fl exibility and willingness to tailor make arrangements to match a couple?s aspirations.

Toll Free (888) 343-6413

Call the Experts at Unforgettable Honeymoons, we have been there and will give you the Best travel advice
as well as discounts on Honeymoon Packages and Group Discounts for Destination Weddings
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